GUEST COLUMN: County commission should tend to business, not moral crusades

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Judy Daubenmier

The Culture Wars are coming to the Livingston County Commission, thanks to one of its more extreme members.

Republican Commissioner Wes Nakagiri, representing Tyrone and most of Hartland townships, is trying to take health insurance coverage for abortion away from county employees and their families.

A resolution he wrote was approved by other county commissioners and passed by the personnel committee. It will come before the county’s finance committee on Wednesday, Aug. 21, at its 7:30 a.m. meeting and then if approved, be on the Aug. 26 regular commission agenda. Both meetings are in the boardroom at the courthouse annex, 304 E. Grand River Ave., Howell.

The resolution does not allow for any exceptions — not even for the health of the woman, incest, or rape. It falsely implies that the county must do this because of federal policy against paying for abortions for federal employees.

Our county commission can’t manage to fix our roads, provide services to our veterans, or provide decent transportation, but it has time to spend interfering in families’ medical decisions.

Please take a minute to call the county commission and leave a message opposing the resolution with the commission secretary, Natalie, at 517.546.3520. Or email the commissioners at and Natalie will print a copy and put it in their mail boxes.

It only takes a minute to do this. We need to teach the commission to spend its time on county business not moral crusades.

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Judy Daubenmier, a resident of Genoa Township, is chair of the Livingston County Democratic Party.

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  1. Interesting politics at the County Level;

    2017 SEMCOG data reveals 50% of the Livingston County roads are in “Poor Condition” requiring a major rebuild of them which will cost the county $millions and much more than if they were adequately maintained over the years. Another 30% of the roads are in Fair Condition.” Bridges are not far behind the roads. This negligence represents a failure of the Livingston County Board to manage the county infrastructure which is so vital to its economy.

    Perhaps a first termer such as Wes Nakagiri would have chosen to lead the way and promote fixing the infrastructure of Livingston County. It has been neglected over the last decade by the County Commissioners, some of which are still on this commission. In line with a conservative ideology this would promote the economic well being of the county ins support of business. What was I thinking???

    Instead of fixing roads, we get an attack on unrepresented women by newly elected commissioner Nakagiri supported by commissioners Bezotte, Green, Griffith, Helzerman, and Lawrence. Wow, such bravado commissioners! What this fix in the so-called richest county in the state of Michigan?

    This is little more than a deflection from the real issues facing the county such as roads, bridges, and the promotion of its economy. Can’t you see constituents, we are doing something in the county. Except, this effort does little to fix roads and promote the economy.

    It is easy to attack others who can not defend themselves using false pretense.

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