County football coaches prepping for start of workouts

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NORTHVILLE — Everyone’s undefeated, relaxed and ready to go.

That’s life as a football coach this week. Next week will be a different story.

That’s when workouts begin for the 2016 season, but it’s a good problem to have, coaches say.

“I’m taking care of coaches meeting and things like this (Tuesday’s KLAA media day) and making sure we’re all set as coaches,” Hartland coach Brian Savage said. “Making sure we’re ready to go. It’s a little relaxing until next week.”

Brighton football coach Brian Lemons, Pinckney's Jakob Gailitis, Howell's Aaron Metz and Hartland's Brian Savage pose at Tuesday's KLAA football media day in Northville. (Photo by Tim Robinson)
Brighton football coach Brian Lemons, Pinckney’s Jakob Gailitis, Howell’s Aaron Metz and Hartland’s Brian Savage pose at Tuesday’s KLAA football media day in Northville. (Photo by Tim Robinson)

Howell coach Aaron Metz, meanwhile, is working off a checklist that includes passing out equipment and making sure his coaches are up to speed on rules changes and other items for the 2016 season.

“Then you’re trying to remember everything you’ve forgotten,” he said, chuckling. “You want to make sure the footballs will be there on time.”

All but two of the league’s coaches were at the media day. Both Waterford coaches missed the annual get-together, the last with the KLAA as a 24-team league.

Ten schools, including Pinckney, will leave after thie 2016-17 school year. Pinckney will rejoin the Southeastern Conference, while the other nine schools will form their own league.

“We want to go out on a good note,” he said. “We want to send out the message that e did something great here and leave the legacy that other players have left here. We built things here the last (eight) years in the KLAA, and these kids feel a responsibility to leave the last mark for everyone, including the players before them.”

As far as this season is concerned, Pinckney coach Jakob Gailitis admits to a little antsiness waiting for Monday to come.

“You’re just like the kids,” he said. “You’ve got butterflies too, a little bit, and you want to get out there and just start. Once you start, it starts going real easy.”

And once it gets going, it goes real fast.

Each team will have its annual scrimmage in the second week of workouts, and the season opener will be Aug. 25 or 26.