A glimpse into The Opera House’s present and past

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At the end of this post is a beautiful video shot by producer/editor Lindsay Root of Howell, and it shows the Howell Opera House in all its current glory.

It’s been interesting watching the progression of The Opera House while I’ve lived in Howell, from hardware store with upstairs storage to functioning public art space. Hopefully, we’ll be able to buy tickets to productions in the restored theater space on the second floor in the not-too-distant future.

Two things struck me as I watched the video: the sound and the light.

Listen to the Howell High School students sing. Listen to mezzo-soprano Sonja Bruzauskas sing. Listen to Michigan’s Troubador Neil Woodward and actor Jeff Daniels perform. The sound, at least to my ear, is rich and vibrant, full of body.

And the light. I can’t say enough about the light.

When you watch Root’s video, you’ll see how beautifully light fills The Opera House.

During my time working at the Livingston County Daily Press & Argus, photographer Alan Ward shot some amazing photos of The Opera House. One photo of the second-floor theater space shows light streaming in the windows that looks like it’s been tossed straight down from heaven by angels.

Maybe it’s the light. Maybe it’s that The Opera House is that beautiful of a space.

Or maybe it’s both!

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