Slotkin: over 112,000 jobs in 8th District retained through PPP loans

U.S. Rep. Elissa Slotkin

U.S. Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-Holly) announced that the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) helped 8th district businesses retain over 112,300 jobs, according to estimates based on data published by the Small Business Administration (SBA). Over 9,200 8th district businesses benefited from the program, with a total of over 800 million dollars going to businesses in the district since the program was enacted in March, according to the SBA.

Slotkin has taken an aggressive approach in advocating for Michigan small businesses during the COVID-19 crisis, holding multiple live question-and-answer sessions for 8th district small business owners, and co-sponsoring the bipartisan PPP Flexibility Act, legislation passed into law last month that made it easier for small businesses to access forgivable PPP loans.

“Michigan businesses have shown tremendous fortitude during this crisis, and while we have a lot more to do to help families get through this tough time, our district retained over 112,300 jobs at over 9,200 businesses through entrepreneurs’ hard work and help from PPP loans,” Slotkin said. “These loans have been a lifeline for our businesses, and I encourage every small business who hasn’t already to apply for a PPP loan before the August 8th deadline.”

Slotkin voted to enact the PPP through the bipartisan CARES Act in March, to provide forgivable loans to small businesses impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Small business owners can learn more about the PPP by contacting their lender or by finding a PPP lender through the SBA website.

The data shows that the PPP helped retain 43,878 jobs in Ingham County, 43,054 in North Oakland County, and 25,443 in Livingston County.

Below is a non-exhaustive breakdown of jobs retained in municipalities across the 8th district:

• Brighton – 13,144
• Clarkston – 7,318
• Dansville – 222
• Davisburg – 807
• East Lansing – 8,618
• Fowlerville – 1,072
• Hamburg – 262
• Hartland – 1,240
• Haslett – 859
• Holly – 2,596
• Holt – 2,459
• Howell – 8,284
• Lake Orion – 4,978
• Lansing – 20,438
• Leonard – 152
• Mason – 2,150
• Meridian Charter Twp. – 133
• Oakland Twp. – 748
• Okemos – 5,180
• Orion Twp. – 516
• Ortonville – 833
• Oxford – 3,447
• Pinckney – 901
• Rochester – 8,093
• Rochester Hills – 13,327
• Stockbridge – 330
• Webberville – 852
• Williamston – 2,118

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  1. Wow. I’m not a fan of free money for all, but maybe I’ll quit complaining about the first stimulous package after digesting these numbers. Still not in favor of a second $1-3 trillion stimulous package, since the debt has already added $4 trillion this year and the fed balance sheet has ballooned another $4 trillion. The second wave hasn’t even started yet and don’t tell me they will propose at least $5 trillion plus more of free money for all. The fed will need to print another $5 trillion to buy mortgage backed securities so the banks don’t fail. At this rate, Trump is going to DOUBLE the national debt in a single year. I can’t believe all this debt works out in the long run. Don’t we eventually have to pay the bills?

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