GUEST COLUMN: Thank God our governor is a Democrat

Every day, The New York Times publishes the data on number of new Covid-19 cases in each state in the past week. I analyzed that data to see if there is a difference in the infection rates in states led by Republican and Democratic governors.

During the last week, 15 of the 20 best-performing states — those with the lowest infection rates — had Democrat governors, and 15 of the 20 worst-performing states — those with the highest infection rates — had Republican governors.

Our nation has 26 states with Republican governors and 24 states with Democrat governors. Fewer citizens live in the Republican led states, but they have far more new infections.

During the past week, if the states led by Republican governors had the same rate of infection as states led by Democrat governors, those states would have had 71,378 fewer Covid-19 cases in the past week. The total number of new cases in the US would have dropped about 10,000 per day, from over 40,000 to about 30,000.

Assuming that the hospital systems in Republican-led states are about as effective as those in Democrat-led states, that would reduce the death rate by 25 percent as well; in the coming weeks, 250 fewer people would die every day.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why this is happening. Governors are the ones protecting their citizens by imposing rules for mask wearing, size of gatherings, distancing, business openings/closing, school openings, etc. Republican governors are following the advice and behavior of Trump: masks are not needed, large indoor gatherings are fine, “we’ve turned the corner,” the virus will “go away soon”, etc.

Donald Trump’s ignorance and rejection of medicine and science, and his greed that values the Dow level over the lives of US citizens are driving the pandemic forward. The actions of his followers, the Republican governors, are killing thousands of people who do not need to die. We can’t save everyone from the pandemic, but, with better leadership, we can save tens of thousands more.

We need to vote out Trump and vote in a president who will follow the advice of the medical experts and save tens of thousands of American lives: Joe Biden.

Dr. Leo E. Hanifin, dean emeritus, University of Detroit Mercy

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  1. Cherry picking the “facts” that boost your assertions has become the hallmark of political fueled scientific “research”, and that is exactly what you did.

    If one looks at the entire dataset, you will see that in the overall infection/death rates states with Governors with the letter “D” behind their names lead by a longshot.

    The increase is certain states could be for a huge number of reasons, and remember correlation does not mean causation.

    New York state still leads the nation in total deaths due to Covid-19 and of the states in the top 10 for deaths, the majority of those states or run by Democrats. However you’ll just ignore that, right?

    Society as a whole is breaking down into tribes, and this is partly fueled by misrepresentations like this one.

    Science is not supposed to be political

    Stop demonizing based on your biases Dr. Hanifin

    • The data speaks for itself. Today Republican governors are following Trump’s lead and killing thousands of Americans

      • Again the state with the highest death rates per capita are 90% “D” lead states.

        “Lies, damned lies and statistics”, the problem is the raw numbers don’t lie.

  2. If you would have just stuck to the facts instead of inserting your useless opinion, the article would have been much better. People like you are the exact reason why people vote for Trump. Your condescending attitude and belief that you are smarter than everyone else gives us the motivation to vote for Trump.

  3. As to myself, I use strict protocols like masking up with the appropriate masks worn correctly all the time I am away from home. For sometime we have had a Democrat Governor in Colorado and were improving except some uptick in cases recently. The reason is people need to realize this is much more of a bottom up behavior issue although we need more uniform stronger leadership at the top. Actions speak louder than words, Trump banned flights from China in late January then said we would get through this like another round of the flu. I pay attention to what is happening and the advice of medical experts, not necessarily politicians. The CDC director just said everyone wearing a mask (appropriately) would do more to stop this pandemic than a vaccine. Also some other countries with better results than any of our states have a culture where their people follow instructions much more uniformly in times of emergencies. They do not have our beach and college campus parties; how about those Hog riders in Sturgis SD? Not to brag too much, if every person in the USA did what I have been doing we would not have 200,000 deaths, not even 20,000 deaths. A lot of the residents in my apartment building ride the elevator without masks. I choose to let them ride without me as I wait to ride alone. These people do not change their attitude even though we have been alerted that we have infected residents here.

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