Great Businesses, Bad Lots: The Five Worst Parking Lots in Livingston County

Backing out of your spot at the Howell Post Office is always an adventure.
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We have a little of everything in Livingston County – beautiful lakes, great schools, roundabouts of all shapes and sizes.

We also have some of the worst parking lots in the world. And it’s time to call them out.

Before we get to the list, it’s important to note that the horrible-ness of the parking lot appears to be in direct contrast to the quality of the businesses they serve. These are all great places. With bad parking lots.

So, without further ado, here’s one man’s list of the Five Worst Parking Lots in Livingston County.

1. Howell Post Office

When they knocked down the Michigan Avenue Middle School some 35 years ago to make way for the new Post Office, they could have spent a little more time designing a better parking lot.

There’s nothing right about this. It has angle parking, which I hate, because you always feel like you’re going to smash into someone or something when you back out. It’s small, it’s always crowded, and people attempting to park have to contend with people just driving through trying to drop off a letter in the mailbox.

Have an appointment at the Brighton Health Center? Leave an hour early just to park.

2. University of Michigan Brighton Health Center

If you drive anything bigger than a Mini Cooper, good luck trying to get into this bad boy. It’s the smallest, tightest parking lot you’ve ever seen, and it can take a good five minutes of pulling in, backing out, pulling in, backing out just to get your car into a stall.

Parking at the Tanger Outlets is an adventure for drivers and pedestrians alike.

3. Tanger Outlet Mall, Howell

All the parking spots are on the inside of the lot, which means that if you’re trying to park your car, you have to slowly creep along the driveway next to the stores, hoping you don’t hit someone.

If you’re a pedestrian trying to get across that driveway to your car, it’s like a large-scale game of Frogger. “Run, kids! Run! Now!”

Stress is the name of the game when you’re parking here.

4. Kroger, Howell

This one has a little of everything that makes a parking lot bad. Whether you’re parking your car or walking to your car, it’s going to be stressful.

It’s really tight, it’s small, it’s hard to find a spot, and you always feel like you’re about to back into someone. And the door leading out of the Kroger store has two big brick pillars that hide pedestrians until the last second.

Hold on to your cart when you’re parking here.

5. Walmart, Fowlerville

On the surface, this appears to have everything that makes a parking lot great. It’s spacious, it’s easy to get in and out of, and there are always plenty of spots.

It makes the Five Worst list for one reason, though – the parking lot is built on a small valley. It goes straight downhill, and then straight uphill. So when you come out and try to unload your groceries, your shopping cart always rolls away.

So, did we get it right? Which parking lots in Livingston County make YOUR Five Worst list? Leave us a comment below.

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Longtime Livingston County journalist Buddy Moorehouse is director of communications at the Michigan Association of Public School Academies.


  1. The parking lot at the Brighton Cancer center across from 242 has way to many handicapped spaces. Most of them are not even filled. My mom is 82, and when we go there we have to park a mile away almost! She does not have a handicap ….and prefers to not get a handicap sticker.

  2. Toooooo Many people for the area…just going to get worse when the new hospital on Challis rd.opens..the new nursing home on Rickett rd. opens and all the condos come in down by Marv’s…Yikes!!

  3. You forgot costco. Crazy people rushing to park in order to get those free samples.

  4. Parking near or behind the fast food is ridiculous in Brighton. Why don’t all connect to the back why is Panera abs marshals lot do weird. Dollar tree I always feel like someone is going to kill me. Five guys and mod is just so small for all the businesses (construction starts in two weeks to expand and fix it thank god) lol

  5. I personally feel Howell Kroger is the worst! As far as the Howell Post Office as well as Fowlerville Walmart (everyone always picks on Fowlerville!); watch where you are going! Take your time. Angle parking okay if you check your mirrors & drive defensely. Howell Walmart not any different than Fowlerville’s parking lot.

  6. I worked at the local Kroger for almost a year, and during that time, my poor car got at least 5 dings on it, and someone also backed into it once while I was at work, causing a few additional scrapes. Bad, bad parking lot, and Buddy truly included the right lots here. Also, in my years working at the local paper, my department had to take the postal statement to the Howell post office on a daily basis. During these daily trips–I personally saw more fender benders in this lot than I can count on two hands! Buddy is pretty astute in knowing his bad lots!!

  7. Yes , ditto the comments above. By Mod pizza Brighton and Best Buy through the dollar store that has no outlet through to Grand River or fast food places right next to it.

  8. The entire parking lot in Brighton, where Best Buy, Marshalls, Micheals, Panera, etc. MOST CONFUSING LOT EVER!!!!!!!!!!

    • The whole point of that maze of a parking lot was to stop people from cruising it. Which hasn’t happened since the mid 90s. My buddy in his truck just got mad and hopped the curb to get out.

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