What Does Over-Control Get You?

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jtpedersen_321-Ignite_ControlAre you a control freak?  Do you feel the need to tell your teams how to do things?  Are you frustrated by always feeling you can do the job better than anyone else?  If you allow your behavior—how you manage your teams—to reflect these frustrations the result is likely over-control.

The question then, is, do you really get what you want if you’re over-controlling.  My thinking came in response to an article I read, The Illusion of Control.  As noted later in the piece, too much control stifles creativity and flexibility.

When leading my teams, when giving guidance, I make sure my teams understand: I am stating or suggesting the direction I believe we need to take.  It is up to them to decide how to do it.  I want their best efforts.

If I tell my teams how to do something, I’ve done two things.  One, I’ve told them how and little or no creativity will be forthcoming.  Two, I don’t know everything nor do I want to.  I’ve now robbed everyone (my team, as well as our benefactors)  of the ‘best efforts’ possible, making ‘me’ the lowest common denominator.

Now, if I’m asked for my opinion on how to do something, I’ll share it.  But I work very hard not to pre-bias results as a result of my own comments.

image credit: Ahmed Al-Shukaili