King Discount, an old store that stood tall in downtown Brighton in 1981.


  1. That along Pine Lumber is S.2nd Street. I spent my whole childhood on that street till I went into the US Air Force at 20. By the time I got out, my parents had moved to Florida. We lived in 2 houses on S.2nd street and the one house on the corner of Main St. that’s now a Doctor or Dental office with the shrubs surrounding the yard. Those bushes have been there for ever.

  2. Cool! I remember Kings Discount. My parents owned the Sea Restaurant that was two doors down from it, though by ’81 we moved it to Faulkwood Shores Golf course by Lake Chemung in Howell. I think in ’81 our old place was “Ralph’s Cozy Kitchen,” which he later also sold and it became Lynn’s Main Street Cafe. Some good memories! Just down the road from there across the railroad tracks was Pine Lumber, and across the street before the railroad tracks was “The Pink Palace,” we used to call it. Cool! 🙂

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