Twitter got you in a Tizzy?

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We’ve been discussing the value of social media lately, so we thought we’d use this week’s Hot Topic to zero in on one social channel that seems to leave many people flummoxed. If you are wondering where to start when it comes to promoting a business on Twitter, we’ve provided a few quick tips to help get the ball rolling!

Consider yourself a “Chief Listening Officer.”

No, you don’t need to be a C-Suite exec for this position! “Listening” simply refers to an awareness of the buzz around your brand or business on Twitter. How can you locate potential followers or measure customer satisfaction via Twitter? You’d be surprised how many services and features are out there to help businesses do just that! Check out Trendrr or TweetBeep, for example, or measure the value of your own Twitter identity using TwitterGrader!

Don’t just react. Interact.

You will quickly discover that repetitive spamming and relentless hawking is not well received on Twitter. Users are looking for responses to their questions or concerns, naturally. But to go above and beyond, it’s important to engage in ongoing dialogue with users that extends beyond the occasional reply. Essentially, Twitter’s a great tool to serve as an interactive FAQ or customer service, but it can be so much more. Here are just a few suggestions for businesses to consider:

  • Menu changes
  • Exclusive discounts/promo codes
  • Re-Tweet articles relative to your industry
  • Solicit feedback from followers about potential additions to your product line
  • Headed to a convention or summit? Tweet your experiences while there!

Give it time.

The social frontier moves at a rapid-fire pace, but success on Twitter still takes a little time and patience. Don’t get discouraged! You’re involved with a marketing channel that levels the competitive playing field better than any of its predecessors! Experiment, get creative, and have fun!
Did you know…

To underscore the importance of social media tools (like Twitter) as part of an overall marketing strategy, we thought we’d share some info from Zoomerang’s 2010 Small Business Survey! The company found that 35% of SMBs “employ some form of social media” for their business. That’s over one-third of all businesses surveyed!

Unfortunately, only 54% of SMBs said their business has a website! Helen Leggatt at BizReport speculates that many budget-strained SMBs may use social media as a sole form of online presence…at their peril! Companies that take this route relinquish the opportunity to create a digital presence that is 100% theirs. That means complete control of content, more engaging features, and a revenue stream via ecommerce! Businesses need to know that an investment in your web presence means they’re buying more than a website! They’ll be building a hub for their comprehensive digital marketing strategy…complete with tools for those all-important social media channels!
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