The Number 1 Thing Every Business Must Do?

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In a discussion earlier today, the statement was made that, “the number 1 thing every business must do to succeed is…have a logo.”  Further comments indicated that, after doing some research, they’d found most small businesses (in particular) skip having a logo because they see it as too expensive.

Logo for JT PedersenThough that may be true, subsequent comments failed to provide any support for the ‘#1’ premise.  To be honest, I’d flat-out disagree it’s #1. There is value to a logo but it is not itself all-important.

While I do not agree with the claim, I do agree a logo has a role to play. But to simply have a logo misses the broader point. A company needs to develop, protect, and broadcast its -brand-. The logo is but a subcomponent of that overall effort.

First, a business needs to know what ‘it’ is all about.

The logo, along with typesets, color schemes, culture…and more…combine to clearly, consistently, represent the company to those who do business with it. I might argue, while logo ‘quality’ is important, more important is—consistent—application of the logo and it’s related brand.

Consistency and ease of identification is why I created my own brand (Thoughtful Business Leadership) and logo to support my search for work. Whether you work for a corporation, are developing one, or are a business of One, consistent self-representation is important.

Think of the logo, or corporate ‘icon,’ as a short-hand representation of the entity it represents.

So, what do you think? Do you agree with my own premise? Better yet, do you have a #1 thing for every business?