The five best things about summer in Livingston County

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A bike ride on the Lakelands Trail is the perfect capper to a summer day.

High fives and low fives:

Five best things about summer in Livingston County:

1. The Fowlerville Fair.

2. Biking on the Lakelands Trail.

3. The Fourth of July fireworks in Fowlerville.

4. Swimming at Silver Lake.

5. Concerts at the Courthouse.

Five things that have never been said by anyone at any time:

1. “I just LOVE those new mini-roundabouts in Howell!”

2. “I just wish my kids would text their friends more often.”

3. “Yep, the one thing Howell could use is more McDonald’s.”

4. “I’m telling you, the best decision I ever made was to start smoking.”

5. “Wow! That Buddy Moorehouse sure can sing!”

Five best sports movies of all time:

1. “Chariots of Fire.”

2. “Caddyshack.”

3. “Hoosiers.”

4. “Slap Shot.”

5. “The Bad News Bears.”

Five best things about the Fowlerville Fair:

1. The 4-H horse barn.

2. Elephant ears.

3. That stupid game where you spend at least $150 to try and shoot the red star out with a BB gun.

4. The demolition derby.

5. Walking through the Livingston Centre Historical Village.

Five favorite places I’ve taken a vacation to:

1. Mackinac Island.

2. The British Virgin Islands.

3. San Antonio.

4. Norway.

5. San Pedro, Belize.

Five places I’d love to visit:

1. Australia.

2. Antarctica.

3. Hawaii.

4. Alaska.

5. Seattle.

Five places I have no desire to visit:

1. Japan.

2. Russia.

3. China.

4. North Dakota.

5. South Dakota.

Five best things about Pinckney:

1. The St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

2. The Greek salad at the Pinckney Diner.

3. The Lakelands Trail.

4. Having some ice cream in Hell.

5. The playground in the Village Square.

Five best things about Fowlerville:

1. The Fowlerville Fair.

2. Rollerblading in the park behind the fire hall.

3. The Fowlerville Performing Arts Center.

4. The fact that you’re on a first-name basis with everyone at Fowlerville Pharmacy.

5. Baseball games at Country Way.

Five best things about Howell:

1. Swimming at Thompson Lake (summer).

2. Sledding at Thompson Lake (winter).

3. The Michigan Salad at Mr B’s.

4. A Friday-night movie at the Howell Theater.

5. The Fantasy of Lights Parade.

Five things I’m ashamed to admit:

1. I’ve read one novel in the last 15 years.

2. I don’t exactly care for vegetables.

3. I have no idea how the “night vision” thing on a rearview mirror works.

4. My 12-year-old daughter beat me in the Fantasy of Lights 5K run last year.

5. I sometimes watch “Desperate Housewives.”

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