Mike Detmer posts promo for pro-Trump bikini calendar, then deletes it

Former Congressional candidate Mike Detmer – a Republican who ran as a traditional, family-values conservative – is in hot water after sharing on his Facebook page a promo for a pro-Trump bikini calendar.

Detmer posted the promo on Monday morning, and then quickly deleted it after his Facebook followers began to lambaste him. Detmer’s original post:

Within minutes, Detmer’s Facebook followers began responding – and they didn’t mince words:

Detmer appears to have deleted the Facebook post soon after it was posted. The pro-Trump calendar appears to have been produced by a Hartland woman named Sarah Neville. All 12 months of the calendar feature photos of her.

Detmer, a Howell car salesman, ran for the Republican nomination in the 8th Congressional District in 2020. He carried Livingston County in the primary but ended up losing the nomination overall to Paul Junge. Junge then lost a close race in the fall to incumbent U.S. Rep. Elissa Slotkin, D-Holly.

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  1. This article is not accurate. Detmer never took the post down. Facebook did as a continuation of their cancel culture on Republicans. Its a sad day when you cannot post your views without being censored. Its time to stand up against these social media sites.

  2. Seriously? Why? Because a woman who looks amazing and takes care of herself makes a bikini calendar? But Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition is ok right? Nice trolling.

  3. More cancel culture. The same people that complain about this will be at the beach this summer seeing a hundred women wearing less. This is empowering women! She looks amazing and she should be proud and be able to stand up for her beliefs without being harrassed. People need to get a life and keep their negative comments to themselves. If you do not like something then don’t watch it. Haters gonna hate. You go girl!

  4. We all post things and retract them. I wish there was more fair treatment of Mike Detmer. He is one of the few Constitutional conservatives left who is willing to run for office. He would have been a great Congressman.

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