Making art: another form of therapy

I never knew I could be good at art until I found scrapbooking. That one invite from a friend, so many years ago, to attend a Friday night crop was the start of my addiction. Before then I was perfectly happy stashing my photos in shoe boxes under the bed and Rubbermaid tubs in the closet.

It started out so innocently, strategically placing photos on a page, adding an embellishment here and there, a title, a bit of journaling and my memories could be shared with family and friends in the form of scrapbooks.

It wasn’t long before I needed a baseball hat embellishment and nothing on the market worked. Then it was a tent for a camping page, a road for my son’s first car page, etc. Rather than be frustrated by not being able to buy these items I began creating them myself using ink and chalk to create dimension and movement. Once I discovered the freedom of creating I quickly advanced into mixed-media, Artist Trading Cards, Art Journaling and altered shutters and windows, and now, painted furniture.

Close to three years ago the opportunity to open our own studio – Green Door Studio – presented itself to my daughter, Rachel, and I. The Studio is where I’m able to teach others how to play and let loose to create art for themselves. I try to teach them there is no right way or wrong way – just to experiment, play and don’t think so hard on it. Just do it, there are no mistakes, only opportunities to be creative!


I’m just in awe of the beautiful works our students create in class, using canvas, paint and mixed-media products.


As a group we all get to share in their memories as they tell us the stories behind their photos.

I love that our students are so welcoming to newbies and so willing to share little tips and techniques they’ve learned.


Some art forms, such as Art Journaling, can be a great stress reliever. Transferring your feelings to paper using inks, paints and stencils, can be as helpful as therapy.

Green_Door_Studio_StampersWhatever the art form being taught in the Studio, you can bet it is always hands-on. Students are reminded to wear old clothes or bring an apron for they never know just how messy class will be.

Regular monthly classes offered include Artist Trading Cards, Gelli Print, Art Journal Adventure, and Scrap your Stash. The newest class added to the monthly line-up is Sketch your Stash. And, then there’s the extra-curricular classes that change regularly.

Class descriptions, dates, times and pricing can all be found on our Calendar or call (517) 618-7700.

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Linda Neff is co-owner of Green Door Studio, Brighton where she flips furniture, offers custom furniture painting, and teaches classes in mixed-media, scrapbooking, art journaling and more. Visit her blog: