Make the Most of E-Mail Marketing!

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E-Mail marketing is and has been a popular marketing technique to reach new and current customers with new products and services that your business may offer. There are several companies that provide a service to help you achieve this goal. Your website is also another tool that may provide you with the ability to email marketing to people who register on your site.

When using email marketing it is important to keep this points in mind to create an effective campaign.

  • Balance Copy and Images

According to Alex Madison and Lisa Harmon at MediaPost’s Email Insider, the balance between e-mail text and images depends largely upon the nature of the business.
While lots of lovely images and minimal copy can boost click-through and engagement for B2C (Business to Consumer) audiences, B2B (Business to Business) subscribers…respond to no-frills creative that prioritizes copy over imagery.”
Your potential clients will appreciate how easy it is to use your solution to experiment with text and image content in their e-mail campaigns! They can edit and adapt their messages to suit the specific needs of their business…and they can do it all without paying for additional services!

  • Find a Form that Fits

Similar to the previous tip, Madison and Harmon say that both B2B and B2C businesses should hold on to their successful e-mail layouts and use them as forms or templates for future use. Along with the obvious convenience, this is beneficial because it allows businesses to keep their messages “consistent and recognizable.” Again, this step is simple with the help of your Web solution! Not only will businesses be able to modify and save their winning forms; they can create a look that’s tailored to their business, thus enhancing their business’ credibility and boosting their customer retention rates!

  • Target

In the same vein as the tip above, e-mail marketing messages should be tailored to match the recipient’s needs, too! To that end, experts recommend gathering information right away – as soon as a site visitor opts in to the e-mail list – so that messages can be targeted to their preferences! During the presentation, your prospects will see how to create and send e-mails that are targeted to specific groups within their contact list. This process only takes minutes with your Web solution, and the rewards are extraordinary!
“Any time you make another step toward tailoring your e-mail to your readers’ interests, you’re going to come out ahead, no matter who your readers are,” according to Harmon and Madison.

  • Don’t Lose Track of the WIIFM Factor!

As any experienced salesperson will tell you, potential buyers have on question on their minds: “What’s in it for me?!” Successful sales hinge on anticipating that question and answering it effectively! Your partners’ business is no different. That’s why they need to understand the value of targeting and customizing their e-mails. They should be creating messages that are relevant to specific customers’ preferences and they should include exclusive discounts that reward e-mail readers for their continued loyalty!

Discuss these tips and tricks with Decision Makers as you build value in the appointment. You’ll position yourself as an expert and help them make the most of your solution all at once!

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