Leadership Livingston accepting applications

Do you wonder why the number of people who live and work in Livingston County keeps increasing? People say quality of life, education and business resources. Those things are great but they don’t happen by chance. We think its strong leadership. That’s why we have been facilitating a Leadership Livingston for 27 years. We immerse participants in community issues over a span of eight months. We introduce participants to county leaders to develop skills and to learn how to keep this county so desirable. We are the leaders of Leadership Livingston.

Participants start in October learning about leadership through the lens of their experiences. Traveling around the county from month to month, they look through the lens of community leaders from diverse sectors. They practice strategy and collaboration with local nonprofit boards. May graduates launch as trustees, board members, public servants, or business leaders, and as life-long friends.

To learn more call Grace at (800) 686-1883, ext. 1304.

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