Keeping Howell’s Winterfest appropriate

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At an executive student council meeting, the principal of Howell High School, Mr. Moran, brought up something that students at Howell have been anxious about since Homecoming.

Two very important concerns were the topic of this discussion:

1. How to keep students from taking part in inappropriate dancing (grinding, bumping, etc.)

2. How to keep a dress code for the many different dresses girls wear to the dance.

Several ideas brought to the council were evolved into these plans:

A) To broadcast on school announcements and fairly warn girls that they must have a skirt no shorter than their fingertips when they lay their hands to the side. This would also be printed on the back of the ticket and if a girl comes with a skirt too short they will be turned away with no refund. Teachers will stand by and make sure that no inappropriate dancing takes place.

B) Another great idea was to give everyone wristbands upon entering and if a girl is caught with either too short of a skirt or anyone is caught dancing inappropriatly, their wristband would be cut off as a warning. If they continue or do not fix the problem, they will be removed from the dance.

C) A final plan brought to the council was to print the information on the back of tickets and broadcast it but if a girl comes with too short of a skirt, she will have to wear school pants with ‘Howell’ printed down both sides (we’re talking incredibly unattractive sweatpants) which are no fun for school activities. Also, teachers/chaperones would stand by the make sure the bumping, grinding, etc. would not be allowed.

After much consideration, plan A was chosen as the plan of attack. Students like this idea because it is both simple and will not cause any difference for unaffected students. Others disagree and say this plan doesn’t do enough to stop the problem.

What’s your opinion? Should Howell just allow students to wear what they want and not ruin the fun of the dance, or should they do more to stop inappropriate behavior? Do you agree with plan A, B, or C? No matter what they go with, one thing is for sure: Something solid needs to be made ground rule at Howell High School.