Free Seminar Discusses Positive Discipline

The Parent Talk System is a style of communicating with children that creates emotionally healthy family relationships. It is a skill-based program that teaches parents a series of verbal skills and language patterns to help them achieve their desired objective of raising responsible, respectful children while reducing stress, strain, and family conflict.

Pat Moore is a trainer in the Parent Talk System, a local Montessori leader, and current President of the Michigan Montessori Society. She will be in Brighton on Tuesday March 6th, 7:00 p.m. at Brighton Montessori School. Ms. Moore will discuss three helpful practical discipline strategies from the book: The Only Three Discipline Strategies You Will Ever Need by Chick Moorman and Thomas Heller. Pat’s goal is to teach parents how to:

• Eliminate whining, back- talk and procrastination.
• Gain cooperation, without nagging or yelling.
• Hold children accountable without wounding their spirit.
• Communicate anger in a respectful way.
• Design consequences that are: reasonable, respectful, and related to the misbehavior.

Pat uses these ideas herself all the time. She tries to look at situations and speak to what needs to be done rather than attack the character of the person who made a mistake.  She believes that saying “the toys need to be put on the shelves” instead of “why are you always leaving your toys on the floor?” gives the child the direction as to what they need to do, without attacking them. When you say “you are always” to someone, that person becomes defensive, and then the conflict is about the relationship and not about resolution. Discipline should have to do with teaching not punishing.

She finds the most challenging part of the three strategies is to consistently allow children to experience the consequences of their behavior. She explains, “Giving children the opportunity to learn from their decisions is one of the most loving things we can do for them. Often adults want to save children from the difficult outcomes of their choices.”

We asked Sarah Anderson, the Co-Director of Brighton Montessori School, why they invited Pat. “Pat is very active in the Montessori community on both a state and national level. She is also very passionate about educating children in the methodologies of Maria Montessori as well as supporting and educating parents by offering a way to discipline that respects both children and the parents. She is a wealth of information.”

Sarah is excited about Parent Talk. “The Parent Talk system of positive discipline, about which Ms. Moore will be speaking, offers parents and teachers a concrete plan for encouraging children to be responsible for their own actions as well as assisting them to make good choices from the beginning. Discipline does not have to include anger, ridicule, and/or physical punishment.”

Sarah knows that raising children can be challenging at times and she hopes this seminar will offer parents a new tool to utilize when they feel they need some extra help.      

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