Forget the ‘7 Wonders of Michigan’; here are the ‘7 Wonders of Livingston County’

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The Detroit Free Press recently asked its readers to name the “7 Wonders of Michigan.” It was a cute idea for a contest, and when the votes were counted, the “7 Wonders of Michigan” actually ended up being the “7 Wonders of the Upper Peninsula” – only one of the seven wonders (the Sleeping Bear Dunes) lies entirely below the bridge.

In any case, this whole “7 Wonders of Michigan” contest got me to thinking: What are the “7 Wonders of Livingston County”? Well, I didn’t to go through all the hassle of holding a contest, so I figured I’d just pick them myself.

So here they are. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the “7 Wonders of Livingston County”:

250px-Livingston_County_Courthouse_Michigan1. The Livingston County Courthouse

For more than a hundred years, the Courthouse has been looming large over downtown Howell. Through the years, it’s played host to great concerts, historic trials – even a Klan rally featuring some out-of-state wackos in the mid-1990s. If you can find a more stately-looking county courthouse in our state, I’d like to know about it.

2. Mt. Brighton

It’s not a mountain (more like a hill), and it’s not even in Brighton (it’s actually in Genoa Township), but Mt. Brighton is still a Livingston County Wonder. There’s something soothing about driving past the big hill on Bauer Road in all seasons – watching golfers in the warm weather and skiers in the cold.

16155314-picnic-area-in-kensington-metro-park-michigan3. Kensington Metropark

OK, so it’s only half in Livingston County (the other half is in Oakland County), but we’ll still claim it as a Wonder of our own. Kensington has a little of everything – a great lake (as opposed to a Great Lake), trails, woods and more wildlife than you can imagine.


brighton-mill_pond_entry4. Brighton Mill Pond

The jewel of downtown Brighton has it all – Sunday-night concerts, a playground, a Tridge, geese (and geese poop), and great shopping and dining just a few feet away. It even has an Ugly Naked Guy (and while I thought about making the Ugly Naked Guy a Wonder all his own, I thought the better of it).


roundabouts_front5. The Green Oak Township Roundabouts

Tourists come from all over the Western Hemisphere to see the Lee Road Wonders. On the east side of the road, you have a single roundabout and on the west side, you have a double roundabout. The people who designed them were no doubt thinking that if you somehow make it through the FIRST roundabout without getting hit or lost, there’s no WAY you’ll make it through the second one.

6. The Pinckney Recreation Area

Livingston County has some great state recreation areas (Brighton, Island Lake), but Pinckney is my personal favorite primarily because of the Potawatomi Trail – a 17-mile-long paradise for mountain bikers, hikers and cross country skiers alike.

Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail7. The Brighton Taco Bell

Hey, this is my list; I can do what I want with it. Of all the Taco Bells (or should it be Tacos Bell?) in Livingston County, the honor of being a Livingston County Wonder goes to the Brighton TB, because it was the first. I was there the day it opened in 1984, and I’ll be there in 2014 to celebrate the 30th anniversary. All hail the Burrito Supreme!

So, what’s on YOUR list of the “7 Wonders of Livingston County”? Leave your answer in the comments below

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Longtime Livingston County journalist Buddy Moorehouse is director of communications at the Michigan Association of Public School Academies.


  1. Howell City Park, The Opera House, Howell Carnegie and Cromaine libraries

  2. I am surprised Buddy I know your devotion to Taco Bell years of you dreaming of a taco bell ( Fowlerville ) But THE BLOATED GOAT you just a moment and forgot that treasure Right ? ?

  3. My list would include the First Presbyterian Church of Howell on Grand River. Celebrating it’s 175th anniversary this year. Can you imagine a church with that much history in our community! It is beautiful, with years of history and located directly across the street from the Howell Carnegie Library. Everyone should drop in and see the how beautiful this church is!

  4. Great article Buddy. Thanks. Livingston County/Howell is still the ‘home’ of my heart. I agree with most of your list (Taco Bell?), but I would have to add Tom Walker’s Grist Mill in Parshallville. Then Howell Lake and surrounding park (ok – Thompson Lake to you purists), the Howell Carnegie Library and The Opera House. Livingston County is a treasure trove of wonders. Maybe one has to move away to realize and appreciate all of those treasures.

  5. Cute list! I’m a fan of the Howell Nature Center and Howell City Park for a little walk around with kids in tow. I agree with Taco Bell…Though it’s a wonder my stomach can even handle it these days 😉

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