Fast Presses, Banning Books, Notting Hill Closes, and a Toxic Spill

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Once I know which press  is going to print your book, I can generally figure out about how much time it will require.
But now Komori has introduced a press that challenges the speed of digital on demand printing. The new Lithrone – S presses reach speeds of 16,500 sheets per hour, so an eight color press can print quality full process color on both sides of the sheet at those speeds. At a recent demonstration, Komori produced 500 full color 16 page saddle stitch books (from blank paper to bound books) in less than 30 minutes.

The offset/digital divide just got a little smaller.

Modern presses really are amazing. Being a certified press junkie I offer videos of a new Komori and a Heidelberg. You can almost smell the ink!
These presses barely need human oversight, but my former business partner, Charlie Baker, would scoff at the notion that a real pressman needs scanners and computers to achieve proper color.
I suspect that we’re probably just a decade or so away from a full lights out print facility.
Newsletter #29, September 2011
Time to Plan Your Banned Book Party
Banned Book Week will be celebrated Sept. 24 to Oct.1.I was surprised and sh ocked that so many books I consider classics are still being banned in our nation’s schools and libraries, including Sherlock Holmes.

Renting eTextbooks

Since buying and selling textbooks is expensive for students, Amazon has begun a program to rent eTextbooks by the semester.

Boycott Amazon

While Amazon closes some warehouses and opens others in state’s that pledge not to tax internet sales, a group of not for profit organizations has called for a consumer boycott of the eRetailing giant.

eBook Agency Model Challenged

Charging that publishers that adopted the ebook agency pricing model conspired to unfairly set retail ebook pricing, a class action lawsuit has been filed against Apple and five other publishers.

Notting Hill Bookstore to Close

The travel bookstore made famous by Hugh Grant in the movie “Notting Hill” has announced it has been unsuccessful in finding a buyer and was scheduled to close in late August.

Papermill’s Toxic Spill

Temple Inland’s Bogalusa (LA) corrugated paper mill released an undisclosed amount of a paper making by-product called “black liquor” into the Pearl River killing hundreds of thousands fish, some of which were federally protected.

The paper industry has been making huge strides to become a “greener” industry, but self-policing wouldn’t seem to be an option.

American Printer Folds

After publishing a highly respected trade magazine for the past 128 years, American Printer has published its final issue.

Want a Tablet? Subscribe

One of America’s largest newspaper chains is looking into delivering your newspaper via a tablet they’re developing that runs the Android O/S.

Mega-Printers Not Impressing Wall Street, but…

North America’s largest publicly owned printer, RR Donnelly, posted soft sales and lower than expected 2Q earnings and watched its valuation drop 11%. .

Quad Graphics, the second largest NA printer, traded it’s Canadian assets (acquired when Quad bought bankrupt World Color/Quebecor) for the Mexican assets of rival printer Transcontinental. A month later it reported its earnings, and Wall Street pummeled Quad. It lost 50% of its valuation in just two months.

Mega-Book Retailers Do

Stock in Barnes & Noble was sharply higher after Q1 financials showed a slightly smaller loss than Q1 2010. Although traditional book sales declined, B&N’s Nook eReader sales were strong.

Bartelby’s Books Floods

Wilmington VT bookstore Bartelby’s Books is standing but destroyed by the flooding caused by hurricane Irene. In April, Bartelby’s sister store, Book Cellar, was destroyed by fire.

Top 100 International Paper Makers

While International Paper remains #1, about half of the companies listed are unknown to American printers and publishers.

Reusable, Erasable Paper

Sure, paper generally is reusable and erasable, but a Taiwanese company has announced paper that can be electronically erased and re-imaged 260 times.

1493 Book Located

An incomplete copy of the 500+ year old Nuremburg Chronicle has surfaced in the Salt Lake City area.

John Hodgman on Bookstores

John Hodgman discussed the problems traditional bookstores face on The Daily Show.

Final thought

The oldest books are still only just out to those who have not read them………Samuel Butler ***********************************************

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