Eternity Brewing, Aberrant Ales collaborate on special Howell Melon beer

Howell brewpubs Eternity Brewing Company and Aberrant Ales collaborated on a project to put two spins on one melon-themed beer in honor of the Howell Melon Festival, which runs Friday, Aug. 17, through Sunday, Aug. 19, in downtown Howell.

Zac Ebenstein, head brewer at Eternity, and Adam Stout, head brewer at Aberrant Ales, decided together what grains and how much to use, and each brewery decided on their own yeast and hops, so the beers will have a common base, but different flavors, and each can offer a variety to patrons.

The result is Unchained Melondy.

“I am really excited to see how they compare,” Ebenstein said.

The Eternity staff spent hours juicing 40 locally grown melons for their batch of beer.

Aberrant Ale’s version of Unchained Melondy is brewed with Howell melons and dry hopped with a Hüll Melon and Ahtanum, and it has a citrusy, honeydew melon flavor.

Distribution of Unchained Melondy will be split between the taprooms and the beer tent, which will be open Aug. 17-18 at the Howell Melon Festival.

In addition to Unchained Melondy, Eternity’s beers on tap in the Howell Melon Festival beer tent include Michigan Hopped V27 Pale Ale, 6% ABV, featuring Michigan-grown hop varieties in each new batch; Falcon Flyer Dry-Hopped Cream Ale, 5.8% ABV, dry-hopped with Falconer’s Flight for a bright twist on a light style; and Razzpeño – Raspberry Jalapeño Hefeweizen, 6.6% ABV.

Aberrant Ales will also have on tap its CREAM ale, 5% ABV, which is light, clean and crisp; West Coast IPA, 7% ABV, tropical, citrus, pine; Scarlet Agony, 5.8% ABV, which is tart, sour, with hints of pomegranate.

Aberrant Ales will also be doing a beer-mosa brunch 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 19, in its tap room, featuring a special brunch menu and beer-mosa (a combination of beer and orange juice).

Get everything you need to know about the Howell Melon Festival by clicking here.

Aberrant Ales is located at 219 W. Grand River Ave. in downtown Howell.

Eternity Brewing is located at 4060 E Grand River Ave. in Genoa Township.


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