Brighton Ford billboards showcasing nonprofits it supports

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Brighton Ford, which supports a number of local charities, recently launched a campaign to give those nonprofits a larger-than-life boost. The automotive dealership is donating its billboards to support organizations that work to help the vulnerable from our community.

LACASA Center is one of several nonprofits that are featured on the colorful billboards positioned at key locations around the county. The billboards will be rotated regularly and will pop up in a new location at various times during the year.

“It’s exciting that our owners had this idea and wanted our team to put it into action,” said Brighton Ford Community Relations Director, Karen Swieczkowski. “We feel it is important to raise awareness about the causes we support. This is a great way to accomplish that goal.

“We are having fun with the campaign and the charities have been so appreciative,” said Swieczkowski. “This is the kind of promotion that many of them could not afford to do on their own. I love driving by the billboards. They make me smile.”

Swieczkowski, who serves on LACASA Center’s Board of Directors, said the dealership also has printed matching bumper stickers for each charity to distribute.

Other charities included in the project are the Humane Society, Salvation Army and Big Brothers Big Sisters, all of Livingston County.

Although the dealership didn’t choose to reveal specific financial details, the project is not inexpensive to execute. Sign designs needed to be developed for each nonprofit, and the year-long cost of rotating billboards was significant. “We felt it was well worth the investment,” Swieczkowski said.

According to LACASA’s President & CEO, Bobette Schrandt, the nonprofit was touched by the surprise generosity of Brighton Ford.

“It’s pretty rare that something like this happens out of the blue,” said Schrandt. “We were thrilled when Karen told us the news. It’s a wonderful way to help charities get their causes publicized without having to spend precious funds.”

The rotating Brighton Ford billboard for LACASA says “Help Us Support LACASA” and includes the nonprofit’s logo.

“We love the signs,” said Schrandt. “They are so bright and eye-catching.”

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