BookBiz: Colbert Explains “First Sale,” B&N, BMW, BEA and a Baby

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I suspect that few of you are aware that I’ve not posted a new edition of Book Biz in over a month. I try to post early each month but was unable to this December.

I had no sooner emailed the December newsletter to my publishing printing clients than we got an important telephone call from my daughter in Colorado.

As of December 2 we were officially grandparents.

We packed up the Conestoga wagon in record time and took advantage of the perfect weather (ie. dry) and arrived just hours after the mother and child got home from the hospital. Although I wasn’t able to stay in Littleton as long as my wife, it was a celebration of naps and nursing, cooking and cooing, diapers and…well more diapers

Initiation into grand-parenthood was seamless and painless.

Below, Myles Jacob Greenman is presented as my sole excuse for submitting my work after the deadline.

Myles_Newborn_15 sized

And if you actually were aware that the newsletter hadn’t been posted as usual, God bless you. I’d always hoped that someone out there was reading this.

Bonehead B&N Reaction

In what has to be the most misguided effort to thwart eBook piracy ever, B&N has removed eBooks from customer’s eReaders after the credit card they were purchased with had expired.

Given the missteps of the two largest eBook sellers in removing purchased eBooks from their customer’s readers, I often wonder how many people understand that, as of now, they can’t actually own the eBook that they paid for.

Digital Only Has New Requirements

Spurred by Newsweek’s conversion to digital only format, the Alliance for Audited Media has imposed new rules on what options their print edition subscribers are due after digital conversion and new circulation reporting requirements.

Twitter Fiction Festival

Ahhh, the power of 140 characters. Read the best of the submissions at the Twitter Showcase page. Interesting, but not exactly haiku

Government Work That’s Actually Government Work

Occasionally a print shop employee needs to have something printed for himself or his family. Often these little jobs can be run in a waste area of a sheet so there’s virtually no cost. Some employees refer to these jobs as “government jobs”.

But real government jobs have real costs. In Wisconsin, 64,600 Blue Books are printed every two years as a fact book about the legislators and information about the state: high school yearbook meets Info-Please-Almanac. Senators get 600 copies to give away, Reps only 350. Order your copy now for $7.30 plus shipping. The total cost to the state? $328,000.

In Mississippi the path to print shop profits was a little more obvious as Rep. Kevin McGee directed 258 contracted state printing jobs to his family’s printing company over a five year time period, amounting to nearly $350,000. McGee has resigned from the legislature and is negotiating the amount of restitution he owes the state.

Colbert on Copyright and First Sale

Stephen Colbert explains “first sale” copyright law to Colbert Nation.Colbert

BEA Tackles Flagging Attendance

In an attempt to recapture some of the bustle from days of yore, next year’s BEA will allow anyone (aka Power Readers) to spend Saturday browsing the exhibit floor in the Javits Center for a mere $49.

BMW Prints

Relief printing was probably the first print method to mass produce graphics without a pen and ink. BMW shows how it’s done in the 21st century.

The End of Printing Presses?

This month’s “The End of Something” award goes to this writer who contemplates digital delivery of all media.New York magazine storm cover

What Sandy Taught Us About Digital Delivery

Superstorm Sandy reminded New Yorkers (and the rest of us) about what we lose with digital delivery and the benefits of paper and ink.

LightningSource News

While Grub Street doesn’t work directly with LightningSource or CreateSpace, we understand that they offer dirt cheap ultra-short run pricing (50 copies or so) and some ancillary benefits as well. LightningSource has just announced new capabilities.

Trees in Trouble

Rich Romano, the guru of the printing industry, points out that climate change is posing a serious threat to the world’s lumber/pulp supply.

Simon Schuster To Assist Self Publishers

Simon & Schuster is partnering with Author Solutions to offer self publishing services. The division will be called Archway Publishing. Simon & Schuster describes Archway as offering premium service at a premium cost. Self publishing for the 1%?

Thoughts on Self-Publishing Costs

Media Bistro/GalleyCat asked self publishers about their production costs and found zero was a common expense.

Final Thought

No person who can read is ever successful at cleaning out an attic. Ann Landers

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