Aberrant Ales offers up new menu, crowler

“Club Night Wrap,” one of several sandwiches on the menu at Aberrant Ales

“We did not anticipate how much food we would sell,” said Aberrant Ales co-owner Clark Gill, when asked to name the brewery’s most surprising discovery since opening last November. His wife and co-owner, Lisa Gill, nodded her head in agreement.

“The reaction to the food has been surprising,” she said.

Aberrant Ales remains a brewery first. But their intent to offer a limited menu with a few snacks and some pizza options has gone through a few changes, resulting in a new menu that debuted this summer.

“We always wanted to provide variety for our customers, and we started running specials every week,” Lisa Gill said. “And then we started making some of the specials into a staple due to popularity.”

The result: a variety of burgers, wraps and dessert offerings have shown up, as well as some changes to the “Introductions” or snack menu. The choices are very much customer-driven, based on customer and server feedback, as well as sales.

“The tacos are a huge hit – and delicious,” she added.

Brewpub fans have all been to pubs with friends or family who don’t like beer, and Aberrant has some new options for that crowd: wines from Howell’s very own Main Street Winery.

“We partnered with them a few months ago. It’s a popular local option and adds to the community feel that has always been a big focus for us,” Lisa Gill said.

Another addition to the brewery is a single-can canning machine called a “crowler,” which seals your choice of brew on tap in a 32-ounce can. The beer stays fresher than in a glass growler, not to mention that a 32-ounce can is a little easier to transport and fit in the fridge at home.

Tap board at Aberrant Ales on 8/3/2018

As with the food, so goes the beer. While the West Coast IPA remains the top-seller, Aberrant is on its second batch of one of their rotating taps, Natural Aphrodisiac Pale Wheat Ale, due to popular demand. The current tap menu can be found here.

As a community-focused business, Aberrant has been kept busy with local and regional festivals — look for them at Melon Fest this year — but somehow they are also finding the time to plan something for their one-year anniversary in November. So stay tuned.

Aberrant Ales

• 219 W. Grand River Ave. in downtown Howell
• Hours: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday; 11 a.m. to midnight, Friday and Saturday; and noon to 8 p.m. Sunday
• Call: (517) 518-8699
• On the web: https://www.aberrantales.com/
• Social: Follow Aberrant Ales on Facebook by clicking here.

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