Soap maker crafting melon offering for Howell festival

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Sara's soapsCantaloupe aficionados are used to the many ways in which the fabled Howell Melon is used each year. There’s Howell Melon ice cream, daiquiris, and smoothies.

This year, there will be a new entry into the mania surrounding Howell’s sweet treat, though this offering isn’t edible.

“There will be melon soap at the Melon Festival,” said Sara Slagell, owner of The Soap House – US, and creator of a wide variety of soaps crafted from all-natural — and in some cases, home-grown — ingredients.

A case of scratchy, itchy skin that wouldn’t go away sent Slagell on the path that led her to the joy of all-natural soap.

“I did research and I was shocked at the ingredients used in most commercial soaps,” Slagell said. “I got some all-natural stuff at Howell’s Sunday Farmers’ Market and was hooked.”

In a case of necessity being the mother of invention, Slagell first consulted with a friend who made soap, and then did a lot more research before coming up with her technique for making soap.

The result is her own start-up company, The Soap House – US, and a line of handcrafted soaps so moisturizing and soothing that Slagell calls herself a “walking advertisement.”

She crafts her soaps with basic oils and other natural ingredients; they are colored using natural minerals and plant infusions. Some of the The Soap House soaps she creates are intended for facial use, while others are for sloughing off skin.

They all smell wonderful.

My favorite?


The scent of the moisturizing bar in my shower sends me out of the house in the morning with happy skin and a great mood.

Slagell is growing her own chamomile and lavender to use in her soaps, but right now she’s concentrating on getting those bars of melon soap ready for the annual Howell Melon Festival.

They’re sure to be a popular item. However, if you can’t wait until the festival to see why people love The Soap House’s variety of soaps so much, check out its Facebook page, or visit Sara Slagell and The Soap House – US at the Fowlerville Farmers Market from 3-7 p.m. on Friday, July 19.


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