How Do You: Move Your Team from Complacency to Urgency?

The main way I’ve found to overcome complacency, to instill urgency, is to install a ‘sunlight,’ so a dash of real-world light is let in to swirl about them.

Installing a sunlight, letting your teams know their efforts help make the sun shine, is but one approach toward helping instill motivation, a sense of urgency within. Make sure everyone knows, and is reminded frequently, the value of –their- efforts. [CLICK TO READ MORE]


The 4 Pillars of Change—Part 4

Data forms perhaps the least appreciated, least visible Pillar of Change. Data often is the very essence of many companies, particularly in today’s software/cloud/internet driven world, defining their very value.

Imagine: You drive to a hardware store you have never visited before. There are products in the store. You, the consumer are now there. But there are no established relationships and neither your or the product know of the other. [CLICK TO READ MORE]