She developed ‘Smart Choices’ plan & shed nearly 60 pounds

Renee4FooterThe Great Foodini preaches what she practices, with amazing results.

In a matter of several months, Renee Chodkowski has lost nearly 60 pounds, and she’s given birth to a new way of life she calls “Smart Choices for Real People,” which she’s sharing through a new series of classes.

Losing 60 pounds is a great feat for anyone. Imagine how difficult it would be, though, if your entire professional life revolved around food. As a popular cooking instructor and food advocate, Chodkowski (aka, The Great Foodini) embarked on a journey to find a way to lose weight without giving up great-tasting food and pleasurable dining.

A new way of living

The result is “Smart Choices for Real People.” It isn’t a rigid, restrictive diet plan; and it’s not an intensive exercise plan, either.

“Smart Choices for Real People” is a new way of eating that incorporates a more mindful approach to choosing and preparing food. The program uses techniques and ingredients that yield healthier food without sacrificing taste.

“I learned how to make a series of small changes that didn’t detract from the pleasure of food,” Chodkowski said. “Part of it was what I call ‘food swaps,’ where I learned how to make substitutions for less-healthy ingredients, and I learned how to choose food more wisely.”

For example, Chodkowski swaps a tablespoon of high-flavor, grated hard cheese for an ounce of high-fat, soft cheese, and she passes over high-glycemic carbohydrate items in favor of slower-metabolizing foods.

As she followed her plan, the pounds rolled off quickly.

Keeping inflammation at bay

As well as slimming down, Chodkowski enjoyed a wonderful side effect: She began to feel better overall, with far fewer aches and pains.  Her “Smart Choices for Real People” approach to eating — choosing dishes rich in vegetables and low in refined sugar, carbohydrates and saturated fats — also helps reduce the inflammation in the body that can lead to joint pain, fatigue, and cause damage to blood vessels.

“Small changes really can yield some pretty big results,” Chodkowski said.

Sharing the secrets of her success

Her entire career has been about sharing her love of good food and fun, and so it continues with the valuable life lessons Chodkowski learned as she embarked on her weight-loss journey. Now, nearly 60 pounds lighter, she’s taking the secrets to her success on the road.

With the passion of a culinary evangelist, Chodkowski developed a series of “Smart Choices for Real People” classes that she teaches in the Van Voigtlander Community Demonstration Kitchen at Cleary University. Each class is a convenient stand-alone, so people can pick and choose the ones they want to attend without committing to a specific schedule.

As an accompaniment to the class, Chodkowski is developing a series of “Smart Choices for Real People” lesson cards that include recipes and helpful hints that will soon be available for purchase.

The “Smart Choices for Real People” classes have also proven to be perfect for workplace wellness and other corporate events.

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Starting early

Renee Chodkowski recognizes the importance of establishing healthy eating habits early in life, so she’s committed to teaching kids about preparing and enjoying healthy meals.

The kid-appropriate classes Chodkowski teaches include lessons in science and math, as well as instruction on how to use kitchen equipment and cook safely.

These classes also expands the youngsters’ culinary horizons by introducing them to different ingredients in a fun, age-appropriate atmosphere.


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