Serendipity Demands You Are There For It!

03/02/2013 adminLP
I love road trips. Taking the car this trip, as an avid motorcyclist, part of what I love about road trips is that you just never know what you’re going to discover.

Or, when. Quite often timing is everything. You have to be there to experience serendipitous moments. They rarely occur digitally. [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Interpreting, Eisegesis, & Exegesis

02/11/2013 adminLP
The advent of digital communication has brought us incredible freedom to search, to access equally incredible archives.

Now, more than at any time in our histories, we need to pay careful attention to how prior work is interpreted. Not only technical or religious, but also things like political policy, art, and more. Eisegesis vs. Exegesis. [CLICK TO READ MORE]

How Do You: Move Your Team from Complacency to Urgency?

10/31/2012 adminLP
The main way I’ve found to overcome complacency, to instill urgency, is to install a ‘sunlight,’ so a dash of real-world light is let in to swirl about them.

Installing a sunlight, letting your teams know their efforts help make the sun shine, is but one approach toward helping instill motivation, a sense of urgency within. Make sure everyone knows, and is reminded frequently, the value of –their- efforts. [CLICK TO READ MORE]

What I’ve Read Lately: Winning the Story Wars

10/26/2012 adminLP
One of the challenges we face as a nation, as well as a large part of the developed world, is a loss of focus, of disbelief, of a lack of trust.

If there is a single moral to the story, in Story Wars, I think it must be, “Live the Truth” of your brand. Authenticity grants brands a quality unto itself. [CLICK TO READ MORE]

What Ethic, Myths, & Suffrage Have in Common

10/03/2012 adminLP
The basic guide posts by which we have framed social values are being outpaced by societal development. Might it be that the very stories our families needed themselves, to be passed down to their offspring, no longer serve as bedrocks upon which to build?

If the very myths society has anchored itself around are no longer followed, might their values and ethics also no longer have a defined meaning, a place in our world? Might we be at risk of becoming a lost society? And, that is why we find ourselves needing ethics courses? [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Constraints Add Color to Your Life

05/10/2012 adminLP
Simply having constraints can improve your creativity, challenge you to do your best. In the case of an automatic camera, removing the automation serves to sharpen your focus on getting the picture right.

What constraints do you set before yourself? Which constraints in your life, perhaps placed there with intent, make your life more colorful, more rewarding as a result? [CLICK TO READ MORE]

No Picture

Do You Artificially Constrain Yourself?

04/11/2012 adminLP
Moments, free of distraction, allow our minds to wander freely. The tortoise part of our brain crawls out of its shell. Unfortunately, even when we think we are thinking freely and without constraints, we are not.

My most creative moments come when there is great peace around me. If writing is the focus, my favorite times are… [CLICK TO READ MORE]

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