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Developing Good Writers

02/04/2013 adminLP

As an editor, writing tutor, and homeschool teacher of twenty years, I am frequently asked for advice about improving children’s writing skills.  Most of the calls I receive are from parents of high schoolers, while […]

What I’ve Read Lately: APE: How to Publish a Book

02/01/2013 adminLP

Should You Write a Book? “In this sea of choices, why should anyone give a shiitake about your book?”
Right from the start, APE digs in and delivers. What you need to know. Why. And how to get it done. A quick review of Guy Kawasaki’s latest book. […]

What I’ve Read Lately: Connecting Organizational Silos

12/19/2012 adminLP

ESN. It’s yet another new acronym you need to learn: Enterprise Social Network. Here, JT provides his review of this book.

The short take: It’s a must-read for your corporate ESN team. It strikes a nice balance and is the first book he’s read that can almost act as ‘primer’ for the entire process. […]

Sticking to Your Knitting is Not Competitive

09/20/2012 adminLP

As we’re all aware, in today’s world simply sticking to your knitting is tantamount to a slow fall backward. Sticking to your knitting, may be viewed as staying the course and following a prescribed strategy. Yet I think ‘sticking to your knitting’ is in the process of being, well, redefined.

As I read through a number of articles and commentary this week, all coincidental in their timing, the notion of strategic development through experimentation came across loud and clear. …and it’s not just single-point success. […]

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What I’ve Read Lately: ACTIONS Against Distractions

04/13/2012 adminLP

A few weeks ago, Geraldine Markel asked me to review her book. The focus, fighting distractions, is a war near and dear to me. I am constantly fighting it.

My review of ACTIONS, should help you determine it’s value for you, my reader. It can help uncover symptoms, consequences, as well as develop effective -actions- for dealing with them. […]

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What Does Coaching Do for You?

03/30/2012 adminLP

Its one of those little unspoken secrets.  It’s probably right up there with publicly discussion your salary, an ex-spouse, or venereal disease.  Very few people publicly acknowledge making use of coaching. My expectation is that […]

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Phony self-esteem and the real deal

03/27/2012 adminLP

    When my son was in kindergarten at the local public school, twenty years ago, developing self-esteem was one of the main goals. Teachers used numerous ways to work this concept into the curriculum […]

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This Is My Brain on a Motorcycle

02/16/2012 adminLP

Now we know, that motorcyclists, like Leaders, are different people. Why is that? In short, what studies repeatedly show is, what we do more of, we get better at.

Motorcycling is healthy for you. Simply thinking about it stimulates your brain. […]

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