A Guru’s Challenge

12/21/2012 adminLP
We know the person by many names: A Hindu or Sikh religious teacher; spiritual leader; influential expert; maharishi; sage. Guru. The guru’s the expert we always go to, the one in our circle of contacts, that knows just about everything (certainly more than most) about a certain subject.

However, the guru faces his or her own challenges, perhaps just as challenging as for those looking up to them. JT shares his thoughts along with a short story. [CLICK TO READ MORE]

How Do You: Move Your Team from Complacency to Urgency?

10/31/2012 adminLP
The main way I’ve found to overcome complacency, to instill urgency, is to install a ‘sunlight,’ so a dash of real-world light is let in to swirl about them.

Installing a sunlight, letting your teams know their efforts help make the sun shine, is but one approach toward helping instill motivation, a sense of urgency within. Make sure everyone knows, and is reminded frequently, the value of –their- efforts. [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Sticking to Your Knitting is Not Competitive

09/20/2012 adminLP
As we’re all aware, in today’s world simply sticking to your knitting is tantamount to a slow fall backward. Sticking to your knitting, may be viewed as staying the course and following a prescribed strategy. Yet I think ‘sticking to your knitting’ is in the process of being, well, redefined.

As I read through a number of articles and commentary this week, all coincidental in their timing, the notion of strategic development through experimentation came across loud and clear. …and it’s not just single-point success. [CLICK TO READ MORE]

5 Ways to Improve Your Meetings

08/22/2012 adminLP
Business meetings, particularly in the corporate world, have often had negative stigmas attached to them. They’re time-sucks, boring, useless, or perhaps counter-productive. Why is that?

The most common problems I have run into stems from the meeting organizers or leaders themselves. [CLICK TO READ MORE]

95% of You Will FAIL!

07/16/2012 adminLP
That is the assertion I hear all to frequently in discussions involving new business startups. It is as though the listener, a new entrepreneur, is powerless to do anything about it. Cast a 20-sided die and, if your number comes out on top, you’ll succeed.

Don’t know about you, but those odds suck. And, it turns out, those odds are wrong. [CLICK TO READ MORE]

What Does Over-Control Get You?

06/12/2012 adminLP
Are you a control freak? Do you feel the need to tell your teams how to do things? Are you frustrated by always feeling you can do the job better than anyone else?

If you allow your behavior—how you manage your teams—to reflect these frustrations the result is likely over-control. [CLICK TO READ MORE]

What I’ve Read Lately: Awakened Leadership

06/05/2012 adminLP
A little boy. A grandfather’s bond. A journey for everyone seeking life’s meanings, including the need to set aside self-ego and blossoming into awakened leadership.

Reviewing Alan E. Shelton’s new book takes leaders on a journey letting them grow beyond themselves, a practical path readers can all benefit from… [CLICK TO READ MORE]

No Picture

How Long, Before You’re Legitimately Experienced?

04/05/2012 adminLP
This is a question you probably have asked yourself, at some point in your life. Odds are you have asked the question more than once. Once for each new job, each new profession, each new…

The question tends to be ‘professionally’ oriented when it is being asked. How long until you can consider yourself an experienced…whatever it is you are? [CLICK TO READ MORE]

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