New Biz Owners: Why You Need Focused Marketing

11/12/2013 adminLP

This is a topic that comes up frequently, no matter the market. Whether you’re in photography, social media, web design, nuclear power plant design, or selling new or used cars: You need to focus your marketing efforts.

All too frequently, new business owners want to promote themselves broadly, talking to everyone who will listen. On one hand, this is understandable. You just never know who might send future business your way. And that’s what you’re after. Right? […]


10/25/2013 adminLP

New, the next big thing. The next thing you have, or will, start. Not yesterday’s work, not last week’s with yet another new task to finish. No, something absolutely completely New.

JT suggests you consider taking up something, well, New! in your life. […]

Innovation is Not Found in Ruts

09/17/2013 adminLP

How much exploring do you do? As in, really do? On the way to or from your usual destinations, do you ever vary the route? Or, is the route a rut with high sides that you do not look beyond?

Just like many of you, I too fall prey to getting stuck in ruts at times. Perhaps less so now than at other points in my life, but it does happen. Even when we vary our path, we have our favorite little ‘excursions’ we take that, themselves, are simply more ruts. Just not as deep. Reflecting on this I want to encourage you to get out of your ruts. Explore. Truly explore. Do something you would never do as part of a routine. […]

Cart66–An Ecommerce Implementation Review

08/05/2013 adminLP

The past two weeks were spent implementing a new ecommerce solution. The chosen platform was Cart66.

Here, JT provides an overview of the product and his observations. Short take: Good product, but needs refinement…and documentation. […]

The Strategic Need to Combine Strategies

07/25/2013 adminLP

Somewhere along the way, I just started doing it, combining strategies.

Wish I could claim a level of sophistication due to advanced training, but I can’t. It was an incremental evolution in learning to simply solve gnarly problems. […]

Why Must It Be Done "This" Way?

07/08/2013 adminLP

Have you ever stopped, thought, and asked yourself the question? When I consult with companies this is a common type of thinking that is often lacking.

The reasons for doing something a certain way often change over time. Frequently the justification completely disappears. Yet, if no one asks, “…why must it be done this way?” the activity or way of thinking often continues unabated. We see it all the time. […]

Entrepreneurs: Your Price List Is NOT for Customers

07/01/2013 adminLP

The pricing subject can causes no small amount of distress. What do you charge? What does your competition charge? What are customers willing to pay?

The key is to deliver value to your customer, at the price he or she is happy to pay, not constrain them to your price list—the lowest common denominator. […]

Michigan Covered Bridge Tour

06/02/2013 adminLP

Covered bridges, for many people, are curiosities of a past era. For those old enough, they represent nostalgia from their youth. Others, see them merely as antiquated historic artifacts. One thing is for sure, many people are not aware of these treasures in their own backyard. […]

How Much Email Do You Store?

04/25/2013 adminLP

Time spent achieving a zero-mail inbox can be better spent elsewhere.

Does that mean keeping an unmanaged inbox, and using Search as your organizer? Where is the balance point? How much email should be kept: all, some, none? A short discussion on email organization and the pros/cons of not managing it. […]

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