Who is your favorite Pinckney Community Schools teacher of all time? We want to know.

Leave a comment below with your favorite teacher’s first and last name, school, and a few sentences telling us why they’re your favorite.

We will compile the top nominees and let our readers select their favorite Pinckney Community Schools teacher of all time.

There is no limit on when the teacher taught.

An award honoring the teacher will be presented to the teacher’s school.

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Nominate your favorite teacher by leaving a comment below.

We will winnow down the finalists on March 18, 2017, and polling begins for Pinckney’s most favorite teacher on March 19, 2017.

Winners in each district will be announced on April 17, 2017.


  1. This is a hard choice, there are so many GREAT Pinckney teachers. I’m going to add Lynn Hoseney from Country Elementary. From Navigator, I’d like to add Colleen Harris and Catherine Potoff. These teachers have gone above and beyond for my kids. Good teachers change lives and that is what these wonderful teachers have done. Thank you!

  2. Katie Golin, Farley Hill. My daughter had Mrs. Golin last year for 3rd grade. She cherished every moment with her and still talks about how she loved that Mrs.Golin made learning fun. She cried so much on the last day of school and swore she’d never be able to love another teacher as much as she loved Mrs. Golin. She is down to earth, has a huge heart and pushed her kids to be their absolute best, whilst providing the tools. You can’t ask for anything more!

  3. It so difficult to pick a favorite. Deb Louktoka was amazing in 5th grade. She really connects with all the kids and has really had a positive impact on my daughter. Beth Arsenault is an amazing teacher, child advocate and puts countless hours into extra circular activities for our district! They are all fantastic and deserve so much.

  4. Miss Vita Ruggero, Spanish teacher at Pinckney HS. I’m a volunteer in her classes and she makes learning Spanish so much fun for the students. Not only does she teach from the textbooks but she also uses the smart board to teach them from the Internet videos including music to sing and dance. The students get an all around flavor of history and culture related to the language all around the world. Keeping the student’s attention is difficult but if you can make it fun for them, they seem to learn and enjoyed the class.

  5. Mrs. Carmylia Udell from Country Elementary is a very considerate educator and addresses the needs of each individual student.

  6. While all the teachers are wonderful, my all-time favorites were hands-down Mr. Ed Jones and Mrs. Judy Wuckert. I was a troubled teen and they took the time to break down my walls and showed me there is always love in this world and to be proud of the person I am. I am forever grateful to them!

  7. Mr. Chris Ozias, Pinckney Community High School. Both my children had Mr. Ozias as a teacher and both of my kids spoke highly of him. Mr. Ozias takes time to know each student and impact them positively with his caring and positive attitude. He not only teaches the subject matter but also life skills through his words and actions that can help my kids long after they have finished school.

  8. All of the teachers in our district are Amazing!! So proud to have my 3 kids in this school district!! They truely know how to work with all of our kids at every level. Bravo!!

  9. Mrs. Carmylia Udell from Country Elementary. Very compassionate teacher. She really knows her students and has been so patient and encouraging with the kindergartners.
    My son love her as a teacher.

  10. Me and my son had a hard time choosing. I think most of our teachers are great. It would be a Injustice to only pick one or two. Keep up the good work

  11. My son has excellent teachers from all the way through to 3rd grade where he is now. Jeannette Kiernan and Kelly Rau are two favorites!

  12. I nominate Mr. Kroll and Mr. Hermann at the High School. They are both wonderful caring teachers. They take the time to help students and to listen to their needs! I’m thankful my daughter had both of them for years!

  13. Mrs. Null at Country Elementary School.
    Calmness in the midst of turmoil, laser focus in stressful situations, resistance is futile

  14. Brenda Monaster at Country Elementary and Lisa Macaluso Dersch at Down on the Farm preschool.

    Shaping little minds to foster a love for learning starts early and both of these teachers show exemplary passion for instilling this in their students. They are caring, thoughtful and creative in their approach and make learning fun but tailored to each child’s style.

  15. I have two Brenda Monaster is all 4 of my kids all time favorite.
    and Catherine Potoff who really helped shape the lives of my Two boys.
    Got them to take responsibility for their own actions.
    I hope the girls will feel the same way next year…

  16. Stephanie Gates

    I would like to give thanks and acknowledgement to every teacher in Pinckney Community Schools, as well as Tutors, In-class student helpers, Special Education teachers, MusicTeachers, and Physical Education teachers.

    I have a couple I would like to nominate: Mrs. Lummis Kindergarten – Lakeland Elementary School, she had a positive impact on teaching and loved each and every one of her students unconditionally, Mr. Mortensen – Navigator Upper Elementary, who tutored my son after school and saw potential, and Mr. Jeff Campbell, who teaches Orchestra, and has taught my son the importance and inspiration of music. (Cello by the way).

    All of the teachers reach out and touch the students in many different ways.

  17. I nominate Mrs. Wardlow and Mr. Sharon. My daughter just LOVED them both!! I would ask her, how was school? It would be Mrs. Wardlow ‘this’ or Mr. Sharon ‘that’ and so excited when she talked about them. Thank you both! My daughter is a junior now, but she still remembers …. as do I 🙂 ~~ What GREAT teachers we have in the PCS system!

  18. Mrs. Null at Country Elementary School. She has done a phenomenal job of tayloring her teaching to students educational and individual needs – I can’t commend her enough!!!

  19. The teachers thus far at Pinckney Community Schools have been absolutely wonderful. I think they don’t get the recognition they deserve. Putting themselves up in front of a classroom of kids year after year, students with different learning challenges, capabilities, students that are outgoing, students that are quiet and want to fit in with the rest of their classmates etc., I know the men and women that teach everyday love their students whether it be lower elementary, upper elementary, middle school and high school.

    I have to say there are a couple of teachers that are favorites: Mrs. Lummis – Lakeland Elementary, Mrs. Loukatka – Navigator, when my son had his struggles in math, Mr. Mortensen at Lakeland who stayed after school to tutor Matt in Math, and Mr. Campbell who has taught my son the joy and inspiration of playing the Cello/music since 5th grade!

    Hats off to all of the teachers in Pinckney Community Schools. Thank you for all of your hard work.

  20. Mrs. Black from Pathfinder. She took my son to a whole new level with his math and with his confidence. I can never repay you for your extra help and positive influence.

  21. Katie Golin, Farley Hill 3rd Grade teacher. Mrs. Golin is an amazing teacher. Her layered curriculum allows students at every level to succeed and thrive and even go way above grade level material. Both of my sons have had her and she has been outstanding both years. I’ve have been amazed at what my boys have learned and how they have grown under her leadership. She is able to teach and have fun too. It’s a wonderful environment to be in!

    • I completely agree! The layered curriculum really was amazing and my daughter flourished in her class. She came out of her shell and really started making friends.

  22. Mrs. Debbie Loukotka @ Navigator!! My daughter had her in 5th grade and she was a God send. It was her 2nd year in a new district and she really helped her come out of her shell! My daughter has since helped her in her classroom over the summers and a few times this year after school (now a 7th grader!)

  23. Mr. Sharon, Lakeland El! My daughter had a rough couple of years with sub par teachers and then along came Mr. Sharon. He connected with every kid in the class and you could tell that he wanted to make a difference in all of the kids’ lives.

  24. Brenda Monaster at Country Elementary and Lisa Macaluso Dersch at Down on the Farm preschool.

    These two wonderful teachers help shape the littlest minds and set the foundation for school early on.

    We were blessed to have both teachers! They are compassionate, focused and creative!

    Teachers are so underappreciated. It would be nice to honor these wonderful women who’ve made learning not only a profession but a devotion to their children and a promise of providing guidance while instilling a love for learning!

  25. Angela Kanerva
    Navigator 6th grade
    Mrs.Kanerva has cared for & taught my son to such a degree he told me she is his 2nd mommy. She had made him live math again❤

  26. Judy Maczura. Country el. Judy taught first grade and was both their teacher at a challenging time as they entered school full time. She instilled a love of reading and showed a passion for teaching.

  27. Katie Golin, 3rd Grade Farley Hill Elementary my son said is the reason he loves school! She teaches not only academics but life skills too. They learn to be problem solvers in every day life situations. Katie’s approach of layered curriculum allows the children to have choice in their own learning and take ownership of it. Katie is an amazing teacher and we are forever grateful to have had her.

  28. Mrs. Cyndi Millns has made a difference in the life of my child. Not only does she dedicate each day in the classroom, but she works hard to lead the Business Professionals of America Team and VEI program. She also volunteers her time on various projects in the district. Mrs. Walker is also a great motivator and support for her students!

  29. Mrs. Deb Loukotka!! My daughter had Mrs. Loukotka for fifth grade at Navigator. She was a blessing for us. My daughter was always very quiet and timid until she had her. Over the course of one school year the leaps and bounds of difference and seeing my daughter come out of her shell was amazing! I can’t say enough about how wonderful she is!!

  30. Kathi Aron, 2nd grade Country Elementary. Mrs Aron is an outstanding teacher that will take the time to help each student succeed. She goes above and beyond to help kids who are struggling. She makes learning fun and keeps the kids engaged throughout the day.

  31. Mrs. Angela Kanerva, Navigator Upper Elementary. I nominate her because she is always happy and has a fun way of teaching that makes class fun and interesting. She cares about the students and is willing to help.

    Mr. John Sadowski, Pathfinder. I nominate him because he is funny and cares about his students. He is good at controlling the class but is still kind towards the students and jokes around with them.

  32. Mrs. Angela Kanerva, Navigator Upper Elementary because she is very fun and is always happy. She always makes class interesting and has a fun way of teaching.

    Mr. John Sadowski, Pathfinder because he is very funny and nice. He has good control over the students but he still makes class fun.

  33. Heidi Pelto is the best teacher ever she is so nice to her kids and works well with them.She is a 6th grade teacher at Navigator.

  34. I have two!! They both played critical rolls in my kids lives, and in my experience as a parent in school. My oldest was stricken with massive anxiety at the age of 9. Her saving grace teacher was Mrs. Deb Loukotka. As she entered the 5th grade with this newly uncomfortable and some times debilitating condition, she was terrified. Mrs. Loukotka changed her fears of going to school. Mrs. Loukotka was instrumental in making my daughter comfortable in knowing that she had a teacher that understood, but more importantly, cared! My daughter is now graduated high school, but adores the nurturing that Mrs. Loukotka showed her. Thanks for showing her she was safe❤

    Mr. Brian Wardlow! He too played vital rolls in my kids lives. My oldest was facing huge changes the year he taught her in 3rd grade. I was pregnant for my second child. At the same time, my mother was battling for her life with an aggressive cancer. My oldest witnessed her gram loose all her hair, while her mother was riddled with extra emotion due to pregnancy. Mr. Wardlow was fantastic in making school fun, a place where my oldest could get away from it all, enjoy school hours. He also was my youngest 3rd grade teacher for a short time of the year. But, my youngest is a spirited child. The two teachers before were not nearly as tolerable to her spiritedness as Mr. Wardlow was. She had begun to feel as tho teachers didn’t care for her, until she was lucky enough to get Mr. Wardlow! He made her feel welcomed, and more importantly, appropriate in just being herself❤ He promoted her her lively personality, and caringly worked with her on any areas that needed settling.

    I know that praises for these two teachers aren’t your common curriculum points of praise, but I think they are just as important! While both of these teachers did their job on that platform, they went above and beyond as loving, caring, human beings, in ways they my kids desperately needed at the time! Teachers have our children, almost as much time, as we the parents do, in any week day. It’s comforting to know that they love our kids in a real way, and that it’s not just about another’s days work❤ Thank You for being you

    Forever Grateful For All that you do
    Barb Richard

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