Who is your favorite Livingston County charter school teacher of all time? We want to know.

Leave a comment below with your favorite teacher’s first and last name, school, and a few sentences telling us why they’re your favorite.

We will compile the top nominees and let our readers select their favorite charter school teacher of all time.

There is no limit on when the teacher taught.

An award honoring the teacher will be presented to the teacher’s school.

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Nominate your favorite teacher by leaving a comment below.

We will winnow down the finalists on March 25, 2017, and polling begins for Livingston County’s most favorite charter school teacher on March 26, 2017.

Winners will be announced on April 17, 2017.


  1. From Kensington Woods I would like to nominate Shawn Pollman. She has gone above and beyond to help these fine young student study and prepare for the SAT. She had spent countless hours helping them with their noncalculator portion of the test. Helping them fine tune those parts that are unclear to them. She spends time with students EVERY wednesday after school helping them with their math skills. Shawn also helps each Senior prepare for their college application process. Guides them through applications and starting the FAFSA process. Kwoods students couldn’t be in better than their finals years in school then they are with Shawn Pollman.

  2. Keith Jones from FlexTech High School. He inspired my daughter, helped channel her creativity in videography, and prepared her extremely well for the rigors and challenge of college.

  3. Mrs Moore from flex tech high school, she is so sweet and friendly and she has helped me with math for the two years that I have been at flextech, she’s so awesome!!

  4. Katie Schrock of FlexTech Highschool. I’ve never met such a positive and uplifting person in my life. There’s such an energy when she walking to the classroom that just brightens everyone’s spirits, as well as being super encouraging to all the students she meets with, even the difficult ones. Not only has she helped me with emotional troubles, she’s helped me with being a more productive person as well.

  5. Mary Merwin from Flextech. She is bubbly and fun to be around. She always listens to what her kids have to say and she puts a lot of effort into making her classes fun and engaging. She is the reason a lot of kids walk around school with smiles on their faces.

  6. Mrs. H from Flextech High school in Brighton, Teaches culinary and has always been there for all of her students

  7. Jill Halling at FlexTech High School in Brighton MI! An amazing lady and helped me when I didn’t think I could be helped.

  8. Kensington Woods, Shawn Pollman. She truly cares about each and every student, even if she doesn’t have them in her class. Encourages students to learn and to peer tutor other students who may be struggling. Above all she is kind hearted and nice.

  9. My favorite charter school teacher is Laura McDermott at Kensington Woods Highschool because she is willing to go the extra mile with kids. She does everything she can to help kids understand what we are learning and she does it in so many different ways. She makes up games, stays after school, gives worksheets to practice on for extra help. She doesn’t just help or reach out to the kids who are struggling with school but she reaches out and helps talk through stuff with the kids who are struggling with things at home. Mrs. McDermott is truly a great teacher.

  10. Michael Swain, Charyl Stockwell Prep Academy. Mr Swain supports his students’ emotional, academic and social needs to lead them to success

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