Who is your favorite Hartland Consolidated Schools teacher of all time? We want to know.

Leave a comment below with your favorite teacher’s first and last name, school, and a few sentences telling us why they’re your favorite.

We will compile the top 10 nominees and let our readers select their favorite Hartland Consolidated Schools teacher of all time.

There is no limit on when the teacher taught.

An award honoring the teacher will be presented to the teacher’s school.

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Nominate your favorite teacher by leaving a comment below.

We will winnow down the finalists on March 11, 2017, and polling begins for Hartland’s most favorite teacher on March 12, 2017.

Winners in each district will be announced on April 17, 2017.


  1. Lisa Dennis is our favorite teacher at Lakes Elementary! We love how she teaches in her class room and really makes learning fun for her students. She is a true asset to the school district!

  2. Mrs. Helen Mack. She is smart and funny. She makes learning fun and she cares!

  3. When I was in school, Mr. Carnahan from Village and Mr. Essenmacher from the high school.

    When my boys went through village, Mrs. Jessen and Mrs. Rumble.

  4. Mrs. Colleen Waske – She is the most kind, considerate, patient and thoughtful person. Truly cares and always there for her students.

  5. Mrs Jessica Brangan, 3rd Grade, Creekside! Her enthusiasm for learning is totally contagious!

  6. Kathy Jagusch
    To her it’s not just a job – it’s her passion and she still follows all her former students all the way through graduation! She goes above and beyond!!!

  7. Mrs. Christine Griffon, Round Elementary.

    She teaches 25 kindergarten kids each day. My son alone is enough to drive a woman crazy, but she is always sweet and smiling and has taught them so much this year. Couldn’t have asked for a better teacher for my boy.

  8. Kathy Jagusch-Lakes Elementary. She goes above and beyond, in and out of the classroom. Her example show that education does not stop at the school doors.

  9. Mrs. Mitchell – she is my favorite teacher. She was nice. Love Justice Lakes Elementary

    Mrs. Eggland- She was nice and I like her. Love Justice Lakes Elementary

    Mrs. D’Arcy- She let’s us chew gum. She does her best to help us learn better. She tutors me after school. Love Lorenzo Farms Intermediate School

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