Who is your favorite Fowlerville Community Schools teacher of all time? We want to know.

Leave a comment below with your favorite teacher’s name, school, and a few sentences telling us why they’re your favorite.

We will compile the top 10 nominees and let our readers select their favorite Fowlerville Community Schools teacher of all time.

There is no limit on when the teacher taught.

An award honoring the teacher will be presented to the teacher’s school.

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Nominate your favorite teacher by leaving a comment below.

We will winnow down the finalists on March 4, 2017, and polling begins for Fowlerville’s most favorite teacher on March 5, 2017.

Winners in each district will be announced on April 17, 2017.


  1. Jill Thomas! She works hard to get to know her students personally. That way they can learn the best way possible.

  2. Nataly Fedewa ~ She is kind, structured and works so hard. She cares about the success of all of her students.

  3. Michelle Spisz genuinely embodies the role of what a teacher should aspire to be; a hero, an advocate, a source of unending inspiration for ALL of her students. Teaching is her calling, her gift, in a time of constant change within our education system, teachers are leaving the field as less and less pursue this career path . Mrs. Spisz defies the odds as she continues to be an unconditional, positive influence, for her students.

  4. Michelle Spisz of Fowlerville Community Schools, was the most inspirational and understanding teacher i have ever had. She played an extremely positive role in my life as a student and even more as a person.

  5. Michelle Spisz has had a major posative influence on me as a student and even more as a person. Im sure any other former student of hers would agree.

  6. Michelle spisz
    She is one of the coolest, most fun, inspiring, and supportive teacher that I have had. She is always there if I need to talk. She really takes all of her students and makes us all feel like family. She has our back and helps us as much as she can to be happy and safe. She is definitely one if my favorites! Not only does she love us kids but she does love teaching. Her inspiration has a lot to do with how I am this year.. She inspires us to follow our dreams and not care what others think about us. I have for sure followed that advice. I love being in her class for two hours honestly I wish I had her all day. A lot has happened this year and she has helped me through all of it.. As well as others. Some past students that I know all say they loved her including my own brother. She definitely does deserve a lot of recognition because she loves all of her students as they are her own children. Mrs. Spisz is one of a kind for sure but we all love her. Some days I need the fun energy she pets off and it brightens my day. She is a great teacher.

    • I proudly nominate Michelle Spisz at Fowlerville Junior High School. Mrs. Spisz to me was not just a teacher. She taught in a way that no other teacher had ever for me before and I refer back to many things she taught to our 8th grade class often. Not just her basic english but her well thought out ways of working in life lessons. She is very free spirited and kind hearted which is a quality that not many people first think of when they think “teacher”. But her charm always brightened my day and there was not a single day I did not look forward to her class. She guides very smoothly in her teaching and speaks with honor and with pride in what she does. She is someone that once you meet her, you will not forget.

  7. I nominate Michelle Spisz. I had the opportunity to volunteer in her class for a few years and got to see hands on what makes her the right teacher for this. Michelle has the gift to teach and the passion to teach. I would agree with all the posts she has received already and not question one of them, because that is who she is, a TEACHER. It’s not all about opening a book and reading, it’s hands on and fun, keeping kids excited to learn. Michelle shares her interest with her students and opens there minds. I remember Michelle doing a archeology dig, looking for dinosaur bones to even being a part of the Mars project with NASA. She brought these to her class room to not just have fun, but to also open a childs mind to other possibilities. I could probably write a book on what she brings to a class room, but I will leave it at this. Michelle Spizs is a absolute, true educator who will always have your childs best intrest at heart. She will lift them up and not let them fall.

  8. Love Emily Laplante! She is an outstanding teacher! My son was lucky enough to have her last year and he still loves seeing her every chance he gets!

  9. Michelle Spisz is amazing and the best teacher there is!!! A blessing to anyone who meets her!

  10. Emily LaPlante is a kind, compassionate teacher who give 110%daily for her students. Always has a smile on her face. Her dedication shows everyday!

  11. I nominate Mrs. Spisz because she is awesome, she is my favorite teacher and she is so nice. I love all of my teachers this year but Mrs. Spisz makes us feel very special and included.

  12. Mrs. Tomassi from FHS. She is very caring and can see the potential and help steer a kid on the right path even if they aren’t the most productive, high grade student. She is always willing you help you out even if she already explained it, like if you didn’t hear because you friend was telling you a awesome story. Thank you for always believing in me.

  13. My kids never had Mrs Spiz for a teacher but I witnessed first had the profound impact she has had on her students working with her in the Reaching Higher. Program this past fall. She is as authentic and passionate as a teacher can be.

  14. I would like to nominate Michelle Spisz. She is a wonderful person and teacher. I had her for 4th grade and I am now a freshman in college. I still remember that year and how great it was to have her as a teacher.

  15. Michelle Spisz

    She was my daughters 4th grade teacher and helped her through a tragic time in our families life, she is by far the best teacher and person that I have ever met.. Any student would benefit from having her as their teacher.

  16. Mrs. Swain, Kreeger Elementary. She is what being a teacher is all about. She gives of her personal time selflessly and is willing to go the extra mile to help her students out. I wish there had been teachers like her when I was in school. She is the true embodiment of what being a teacher is all about.

  17. Mrs.Spisz, all time hero. Not only is she an amazing individual, but a truly dedicated teacher. She taught us all self respect and how to love one another. It wasn’t just a paper and pencil class, she taught us how to put meaning and love in every single word we wrote. She treated us as if we were her own children, and showed us how to have faith in ourselves when no one else did.

  18. I would like to nominate Mrs. Michelle Spisz. She is a very kindhearted, outgoing,and caring teacher. I had the opportunity to have her as a teacher during my eighth grade year. She understands that not every student learns or understands lessons the same way. Aside from being a teacher she is a great friend, a great communicator, and a good listener. She is by far the most outstanding teacher I have ever had.

  19. Ms. Michelle Spisz of course!! She is an amazing example of dedication and compassion when it comes to her students. My daughter’s (yes, twins) were new to Fowlerville over a year ago. My one daughter wanted nothing to do with a new school. She had Ms. Spisz for one of her classes and she immediately was happy. So much so, she switched one her other classes so that she could have Ms Spisz for two hours a day. My daughter was having a rough time in her life and she completely turned around at this point. My other daughter loved having Ms Spisz also. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this teacher. She is Spisztastic!!!

  20. 6th hour MRS.Spisz. She is really really really nice and cares about her students like her own children. She cares about everything you say to her and she will help you with everything. Thanks for the best 6th hour every MRS. Spisz

  21. Mrs Randolph from HT Smith. She is the most amazing teacher ever. She takes her time with each student. She is compassion about her students…

  22. I think Mrs.Spisz because she is a teacher that understands that not all people learn the same. But also doesn’t let people screw of in class. She is very hard working but if you need some time to figure something out on your own she gives that to you.

  23. Michelle Spizs
    She is so kind and very fun in class. She has amazing stories and lessons for us. I love how respectful she is and how much patience she has for us as students.

  24. Mrs. Adams was always willing to stay after and help me with my geometry/alegebra work (even when she wasn’t my teacher) I had her for science in 8th grade and algebra my jr year. She made class so interesting and exciting that I would look forward to it everyday. She is just such a charismatic and outstanding role model that she inspired me to pursue a career in teaching as well!

  25. Jill Thomas hands down! She was my absolute favorite teacher in high school, and both my younger sisters had the Privilege of having her as well. She always goes above and beyond in everything she does, and really cares about her students.

  26. Mrs. Swain– She is a very caring teacher who is willing to do whatever it takes for her students to be the best they can be. Thru the compassion, and kindness that she exhibits, I believe Mrs. Swain embodies what the Fowlerville community is all about!

  27. Mrs. Swain, 3rd grade teacher at Kreeger Elementary, is kind and compassionate. Our family endured a tragedy over the last year and she stepped in, giving her personal time, to help my niece keep up on school work and maintain some sense of normalcy. She is an amazing teacher and wonderful person, and truly embodies the spirit of community.

  28. My oldest’s favorite is Mr Donahue for world studies. He makes the class interesting and keeps the kids engaged while giving them opportunities to be independent thinkers.

    • As a proud Fowlerville alumni(1998) this is a no brainer for me. Mr.Bill David has left a profound impact in the most positive light possible. He’s also taught both of my children, who adore him as much as I do. His zest for life is contagious and he goes the extra mile to make his class fun yet educational. He also cares for his students as if they’re his own children.

  29. Teri Palazzolo for sure! She was my teacher for many years and taught us many important life lessons. I am never let late when I am being counted on to be on time because of her. She was my favorite.

    • Mrs. Swain — I nominate her for teacher of the year. She is a great role model for her students. She goes above and beyond to assist her students outside normal school hours. She’s kind, and caring when teaching her class. She helps her students until they have an understanding of the subject.

  30. I want to nominate Andrea Hart at Smith. She has been amazing with my son. He has gone up 5 reading levels since the last report card thanks to her. Her communication is amazing. She is always quick to get back with me when I have a question. She has a bubbly personality and she is amazing with all of the firsties. I would recommend her to any of my friends who have a child going into first grade.

  31. Mr Collins, FHS. He’s one of the best teachers I have ever had and I was lucky enough to have him for two years in a row!

    • Mrs. Swain is one of the hardest-working 3rd grade teachers at Natalie Kreeger Elementary School. She is wonderful, kind, and supportive, and makes the lessons fun, while encouraging every child to do their best. Last year, Mrs. Swain had to deal with sad reality regarding one of her student family tragedy. She faced this tragedy straight on, while ensuring that her student needs were addressed first. Additionally, she spent endless hours outside her normal teaching day to ensure the student did not fall behind in their studies. I would support the nomination of Mrs. Swain for the super teacher award.

    • Mrs. Swain – 3rd Grade at Natalie Kreeger Elementary — Mrs. Swain (nomination for super teacher) not only mentors her students, but she has gone above and beyond. She played a vital role in helping her students deal with their feelings regarding the tragic event of a fellow student. Additionally, she went out of her way after school to provide tutoring to ensure her student would not fall behind.

  32. Mrs. Michelle Spisz from Fowlerville Jr High. She has the gift of being able to see each child’s individuality and meet them on their level. She’s an absolute inspiration to both young and old. Her positivity is contagious. I’ve been lucky to have all three of my kids in her class.

  33. Michelle Spisz. A powerhouse in her own right. Gifted, creative, empathetic, engaging, unique, entertaining, thoughtful, involved, magnetic, thought provoking, empowering, concerned, encouraging, and ever-growing! Her investment in her students and her career is always in motion. She challenges herself as well as her “people”(her affectionate term for those whose lives she touches). She lives out loud…meaning she’s a role model for all individuals who seek to evolve and push themselves to reach their potential. She has a special ability to reach the students who might be considered to be the “outliers”. She relates to them and them to her. If you don’t know her, you should.

  34. Mrs. Randolph is an amazing teacher! She ignites the love of learning through creative activities that engage her students! She finds learning in everything around her and shares it with her students!

  35. I would like to nominate Teri Devota! She worked hard to keep my son challenged and loving school! Her passion for teaching love of children is evident and we were so lucky she was our son’s teacher!

  36. Our family would like to nominate Emily LaPlante! She inspired the love of reading in our son Aidan! His Kindergarten year was an absolutely perfect start!

  37. Mr David. Because he is such a carding person and makes his class as interesting as possible

  38. Mrs. Laplante
    She is an amazing teacher who loves and cares for each of her students. Two of my children have had her and I am hoping my other two get her too. Her passion for kindergarten is so admirable, what a great lady & teacher.

  39. Mr. Donahue. 7th grade and 10 th grade Both my sons have had him one for world history and one for social studies. Neither subject was their favorite until this amazing teacher challenged them by making the subject exciting and fun. He engages his students which makes them want to do well in his class. And “hint hint, nudge nudge” is a phrase that is regularly used at our home now! My 7th grader picked an elective that he teaches as his first choice so he can have him again. “Mom, it doesn’t matter what it is Mr Donahue is teaching it.”

  40. Mrs. Spisz
    She is such a caring wonderful teacher and person in general. She relates so well to her students and by talking with her you can see how much she truly cares for each of her students. She does whatever is necessary to get through to each student in ways specific to their learning styles. She compels them to think for themselves thus beginning to shape our next generation of leaders.

  41. Emily Laplante,
    I had the pleasure of shadowing Emily when I was pursuing a degree in education. Her patience and her relationship with her students is beyond anything I’ve ever witnessed shadowing anyone else. She is very passionate about what she does and truly puts her students first. Thanks for everything Emily!

  42. Krystal Sweet! Smith Elemntary
    She is so warm & loving to all her students. Has a lot of patients & you can really tell that she truly loves her job

  43. There are so many good teachers in Fowlerville that it makes it hard to choose. I nominate Nancy Collins. Her creation of the German curriculum, above and beyond dedication to students, and an all around beautiful human being, make her a wonderful choice!

  44. Mrs. Krystal Sweet.
    So warm and inviting such an amazing women. Treats everybody with respect and love!

  45. Emily LaPlante
    I know how much she loves what she does and how many hours she puts into her job.

  46. Mrs. Michelle Spisz –

    I have never met an Educator more proud of what her students have and will continue achieving long after crossing paths……

    • Mrs Michelle spisz. My daughter loved her . She is a great teacher goes above and beyond

  47. Mr Erdman – Fowlerville High School English. My son so enjoys his class as he is very interactive with the kids and takes the time to listen and talk with his students.

  48. Mrs. SPITZ has touch both my children. My son had her as a teacher and I knew meeting her at the open house it was going to be life changing! She is in tune with the children and a true gift!
    My daughter was able to help in her class after school and I know she grew as a person just by knowing Mrs.Spitz.
    As a Mom…she is an inspiration and I feel so blessed my children have been touched by her. ☺

  49. Mrs. Lemke. She is such an amazing teacher. Always kind to her students and treated them as if they were her own. She made sure her students had fun while they were learning. She always made parents feel welcome too.

  50. Miss Mossoian, a High School math teacher who dedicates much time and attention to her lessons. She tries to make math fun for the students. She cares about the kids and is constantly encouraging them to do their best. She is very organized and quick to give feedback to students. She has so many students come back to say what a difference she made in their education and life.

  51. Mrs. K. Sweet!! is a first grade teacher at H.T. Smith Elementary. I have had the privilege of having her teach both of my children!! Mrs. Sweet knows no distance when it comes to her exceptional dedication, willingness and commitment to see ever child succeed; not only as a whole class but most importantly as the individuals they are!! Mrs Sweet will forever hold a special place in our hearts that’s for sure! K. Sweet you are the absolute BEST and our pick for FAVORITE TEACHER at Fowlerville School goes to YOU!!

  52. Jill Thomas- She goes above and beyond to connect with students and to show them that she truly cares about them. Jill also leads so many events at FHS, volunteers her time for sporting and extracurricular events, as well as coaches. She comes to work every Sunday to prepare for the week, in addition to helping her co-workers with anything they need. The administration depends on her to oversee many tasks that continues to make Fowlerville High School a wonderful place. On top of this, she is a single mom to three girls. She invests her time into her children, as well as the children that come through Fowlerville High School. She is an outstanding example of a well-rounded teacher and colleague.

  53. Michelle Spisz. Teaching is not her job it’s her calling, her life and her purpose to let every student she comes across feel that they are unique, important and can be anything they want to be. Ive seen her do this even in her spare time at the gym working out she is still ministering to students who need it. She goes above and beyond what she has to do because she wants to. Wish I could have been her student in 6th grade I would be a better more confident adult today.

    • The world really needs more teachers like her! Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of wonderful teachers out there and I don’t mean to seem as if I am knocking them. But she gets these kids, like REALLY gets them and has a natural ability to connect with each of them, even the ones who many may deem unreachable and/or unteachable. I feel she is not only an incredible teacher but an incredible soul!

  54. Hands down History with Jill Thomas, who always made coming to class fun, interesting and actually cared about her students. If you don’t learn from history, you’re bound to repeat it 🙂

  55. Mr. David
    I did not get the pleasure to have him his as a teacher since he is my Uncle. But he is a great teacher who is always there for the students and I always hear from past students or parents on how he made a big difference in their lifes and made learning fun!!!

  56. I would like to nominate Mrs. Adams (Junior High) I had Mrs. Adams for eighth grade math and she was a phenomenal person at heart! Both inside and outside of the classroom she would do anything for anyone no matter the circumstances. It was an honor to be one of her students.

  57. Emily LaPlane is a Kindergarten teacher at Smith Elementary and is one of the most kind, dedicated, and caring teachers in the world!! She positively impacts the life of every student that walks through her door.

  58. Jody Crandall. She was was my daughters first teacher when we moved to FOWLERVILLE. We were going through a difficult time and Ms Crandall was caring yet firm enough to get her through the difficult time

  59. Emily LaPlante – as her daughter, I see the amount of work that she dedicates to her students all day, all year (teachers don’t take summers off). Her passion for education and her students is something that inspires me everyday. It takes a special person to care for 25 kindergarteners five days a week! I hope that I can impact my future students the same way she does.

  60. Both of my sons have Mr. Donahue and Mr. David this year at the Jr. High School and I hear nothing but great things about them both every day after school. They both make learning fun and interesting for the kids.

  61. Michelle Spisz. She is such a kind beautiful soul that brings out nothing but positive in her students. Her ability to to always smile, always look at the bright side and always project that onto her students makes her an asset to the Fowlerville Junior High teaching staff.

    • When we were new to the district, Michelle Spisz took our son under her wing to make sure he found his place. She didn’t know him. She just wanted to make sure he felt comfortable. She went above and beyond for our son. She tries to make all kids see how great they are. She’s a lifeline for a lot of students it seems like.

  62. Mrs. Sue Harper she used to teach math and I think she still does. I had her for 5th or 6th grade. She was the only teacher’s who took her time and patience to teach me math

  63. Mr. Jarvis. I was always quiet, shy, and extremely awkward. As such, I was often the target for other kids harassment, which only accentuated these problems. This resulted in me essentially shutting down completely in school. He was one of the few teachers that took any time to make me not feel completely isolated, and to diminish the stigma that I was as unintelligent as others had lead me to believe. In the end, I still failed academically and retain much of the low self opinion that accompanied me in high school. While this isn’t an inspirational story of overcoming the odds, it is a portrayal of a teacher who sought to make a difference in a students life – that left a lasting impact to this day, over ten years later.

  64. Rebecca Brent. HS. Health teacher. She is very passionate about her job, continually brings in new topics that the kids want to learn about and absolutely adores her students.

  65. I’d like to nominate Mrs. Spisz who currently teaches at Fowlerville Junior High. I had her in 4th grade and am now a Freshman in College. She taught each student to embrace who they are, and better yourself instead of changing yourself. Her voice often still echoes in my head when I’m making big life choices and decisions! She is extremely influential and I will always wish I could have her as a teacher again.

  66. Nancy Collins is not only an amazing teacher, she had to create the current German curriculum on her own. Her dedication to her job and students is above and beyond.

  67. Mrs. Placido at Fowlerville HS. Mrs. Placido always makes class fun, and takes time to get to know her student. She is absolutely phenomenal, and will be sure to help students understand what we are learning.

  68. I’d like to nominate Michelle Spisz. She teaches in the Fowlerville Junior High but has also taught in the elementary in past years. This is a teacher that understands each child is unique and not cut from a cookie cutter mold. Accepting students individuality has allowed many students that didn’t feel like they “fit in” become more comfortable and feel more welcomed at school. The schools would benefit from more teachers with this quality.

  69. I nominate Michelle Spisz. She was my 8th grade Science and English teacher. Not only did she teach us the importance of literature, but she also taught us the importance of bonding with one another. She spoke words of wisdom which encouraged us to keep on through the tough times during our year of enrollment in that classroom, and continues to do so despite us all surpassing our time in that school. Mrs. Spisz promoted nonconformity, individuality, and equality for all.

  70. I’d like to nominate Michelle Spisz. She was my 8th grade Science and English teacher who not only taught us the importance of literature, but spoke words of inspiration and promoted bonding with my fellow classmates. She also gave me and many others motivation to work through the toughest times of that year, and continues to do so even after we have surpassed the years of attending her class.

  71. I nominate Mrs. Spisz because she is their whenever anyone needs help or if anyone just needs to talk. She makes learning fun it’s not boring at all. She is understanding and a friend to many.

  72. Mrs. Spisz- Fowlerville Jr. High

    Mrs. Spisz is by far our favorite teacher in our house. She makes learning fun and hands on. Her class is not just a sit there and listen to a lecture. It is an enjoyable experience that involves everyone. Mrs. Spisz genuinely cares for all her students as they are her own kids. We love her. Thank you Mrs. Spisz for everything you do.

  73. Miss Nikki, (Nicole Mather) was always my sons favorite. Also Monica Spencer and Mrs Muscoe. It’s hard to narrow it down, we have had wonderful teachers every year!

  74. Michelle Spisz — my son’s favorite teacher; he had her for 4th grade at Kreeger Elementary and is just finishing his first year of college – still talks about that year with her and we all keep in touch.
    Jan Jenkins-Fleck — my favorite teacher in 3rd grade at Smith Elementary a go-zillion years ago – she will always be one of my favorite teachers and people.

  75. Michelle Spisz – my son’s favorite teacher; he had her for 4th grade at Kreeger Elementary and is now finishing up his 1st year at college – still talks about that year with her and we all keep in touch today.
    Jan Jenkins-Fleck – my 3rd grade teacher at Smith Elementary a go-zillion years ago — she will always be one of my favorite teachers and people of all time.

  76. I work with some amazing Kindergarten teachers at H.T.Smith Elementary school in Fowlerville. I’d like to nominate Emily LaPlante who has taught kindergarten for many years. With all the new requirements put on these teachers it takes a special kind of person to teach and get through a 5/ 6 year old. Emily has a unique teaching technique that reaches all students at different stages of learning.I am amazed at her dedication and connection she has with each of her students.

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