No Limit Images, which provides photography, videography, advertising and DJ services, also produces a unique perspective on Livingston County through the use of its drone. These aerial images are taking the community— and social media — by storm.

Owner Brandon Lang works with his brother, Zachary, to do drone flyovers for special events, as well as provide contract work producing images for area companies, mud bog events, paintball competitions, and weddings. No Limit Images also works on Lake Chemung.

Recently, Lang provided special delivery of popsicles to boaters on Lake Chemung via his drone.

“It was a lot of fun,” Lang said. “We do a lot of boat shots on the lake.”

And now, what started as a hobby, is growing into a popular niche business.

Lang, who flies his drone about 15 hours a week, is moving into more creative imaging. Recently, he did an aerial shot of people forming a heart for Howell, and he’s created an amazing image of the historic Livingston County Courthouse.

One of the hardest drone shots No Limit Images has ever done was at a Howell Melon Festival 5K fun.

“There were so many people to capture in the shoot,” Lang said.

No Limit Images recently added a unique service in which the drone flies with a lighted advertisement bar.

Area brides and grooms engage Lang to provide a unique view of their wedding, as well as DJ services.

“I’ve been deejaying for five years now,” Lang said. “I play all variety of music, and not just for weddings. We DJ any kind of event.”

No Limit Images is, technically, limited, but it’s by FAA regulations on drones, including not flying over 400 feet up or within five miles of an airport.

“We follow all FAA regulations,” Lang said.

Lang also can’t charge for drone footage, but he does have a fee for editing the videos, which varies depending on what kind of video the customer wants and how much editing it takes to accomplish it.

As Lang grows No Limit Images, he’s finding that the sky is the limit.

You can check out No Limit Images’ Facebook page by clicking here.

View videos on the No Limit Images Channel on YouTube.

If you’d like to hire No Limit Images to provide unique photography or advertising for your business or event, call Brandon Lang at (517) 915-8497, or email him at


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