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Friendships and roadtrips …

11/09/2010 adminLP

It started with a simple email received from Red Lead, a stamp store in St. Louis, Mo. It was an advertisement for upcoming classes and one in particular caught my attention – “Metalology.” I’m heavy […]

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Falling down and getting back up

11/04/2010 Mona Shand

She bends her legs, grunts, uses every bit of strength in her tiny body and pulls herself up to standing. The grin that follows says it all: triumphant! So proud of herself, she looks around […]

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Creating faux patina

11/03/2010 adminLP

Enjoying some crunchy toast with my sister’s homemade peach jam, a cup of hot cocoa and my favorite Soap on DVR – and finally time to update my blog! My life has been a whirlwind […]

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OMG! I think I’m a Socialist!

10/27/2010 Wayne Johnson

It’s hard to tell what the guiding principles of the Tea Party Protesters and Republicans are because what they proclaim in one state they oppose in the next. Apparently Social Security is evil and needs […]

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Hallowe’en in Wonderland

10/22/2010 adminLP

Halloween is quickly approaching and most of us will be taking plenty of photos of adorable, costumed children. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have lots of photos and it’s so hard to let any go. […]

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