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Life in the Facebook pumpkin patch

11/25/2010 Susan Parcheta

How’s the networking going in your personal life pumpkin patch? Are you engaging? Thanksgiving brings thoughts of gathering in the cornstalks from the fields, pumpkins from the pumpkin patch and creating beautiful cornucopias with the […]

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Woman up, you flybabies!

11/25/2010 Stan Latreille

Quit whining, America. When I hear the complaining about the airport full-body scans, I immediately think of the television commercial featuring a retired Marine DI now working as a therapist.  Disgusted with the weepy guy […]

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Thanksgiving Confessions

11/24/2010 Mona Shand

Thanksgiving is upon us and the nation is preparing to loosen its collective belt. Yes, it’s the holiday where friends and family gather to feast on heaping helpings of turkey with all the trimmings. They […]

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Nostalgic Noel…

11/24/2010 adminLP

Seven antique printers trays opened the door to a unique, old-fashioned Christmas decoration I created with the help of my scrapbooking friends on a recent retreat. […]

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Friendships and roadtrips …

11/09/2010 adminLP

It started with a simple email received from Red Lead, a stamp store in St. Louis, Mo. It was an advertisement for upcoming classes and one in particular caught my attention – “Metalology.” I’m heavy […]

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Falling down and getting back up

11/04/2010 Mona Shand

She bends her legs, grunts, uses every bit of strength in her tiny body and pulls herself up to standing. The grin that follows says it all: triumphant! So proud of herself, she looks around […]

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Creating faux patina

11/03/2010 adminLP

Enjoying some crunchy toast with my sister’s homemade peach jam, a cup of hot cocoa and my favorite Soap on DVR – and finally time to update my blog! My life has been a whirlwind […]

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