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Keeping it simple

03/02/2011 adminLP

There’s nothing wrong with quick-and-easy scrapbooking. There are those scrapbookers who feel every page we create needs to be a work of art and I tend to fall into that category, but this goal I set […]

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Old books repurposed

02/25/2011 adminLP

Old sewing machines, vintage buttons, yellowed lace and worn thread spools conjure up memories of days spent learning to make doll clothes at the age of 8. Side-by-side we would sit at the kitchen table as […]

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In Defense of Valentine’s Day

02/14/2011 Mona Shand

Candy hearts, paper doilies and boxes of cards emblazoned with loving images of cartoon characters.  It all used to turn my stomach.  Yes, I was an anti-Valentinian for years.  Make that decades. In fact, I […]

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Capturing a moment

02/13/2011 adminLP

This week in my quest for completing another layout of one of my children, I opted for a layout of my daughter Rachel. After working on pages for my sons recently I was in the […]

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Lovin’ the shades …

02/05/2011 adminLP

Well, I’m still whittling away at those 40 years of photos for my kids’ albums and I came across these adorable photos of Scott in his “Cool Dude” sunglasses enjoying a wonderful Fall day playing outdoors in […]

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Revisiting the 70’s …

01/24/2011 adminLP

Well, here it is week four and I’m still back in week three with my scrapbook pages. I refuse to give up on this project of completing and posting a layout each week for the […]

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