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Building and rebuilding

03/03/2011 Mona Shand

I am not crafty, let’s just be honest about that. I think after 37 years on this planet it’s the least I can do in the name of self-awareness. Pots of glue, boxes of crayons, […]

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In Defense of Valentine’s Day

02/14/2011 Mona Shand

Candy hearts, paper doilies and boxes of cards emblazoned with loving images of cartoon characters.  It all used to turn my stomach.  Yes, I was an anti-Valentinian for years.  Make that decades. In fact, I […]

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Thanksgiving Confessions

11/24/2010 Mona Shand

Thanksgiving is upon us and the nation is preparing to loosen its collective belt. Yes, it’s the holiday where friends and family gather to feast on heaping helpings of turkey with all the trimmings. They […]

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Falling down and getting back up

11/04/2010 Mona Shand

She bends her legs, grunts, uses every bit of strength in her tiny body and pulls herself up to standing. The grin that follows says it all: triumphant! So proud of herself, she looks around […]

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