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Giving thanks for mornings

11/26/2011 Mona Shand

I’ve always been a morning person, but never quite like this. That’s why it’s 5:30 am on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and I’m wide awake. My first bit of time off since starting a new […]

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This too shall pass

08/23/2011 Mona Shand

I made it almost eight weeks. Eight weeks into life with a newborn, a toddler and a preschooler. (That’s three kids ages four and under, if you’re keeping score.) Eight weeks which also included 3 […]

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Bringing home baby

06/27/2011 Mona Shand

There’s nothing quite like having a baby to make you lose all track and all concept of time. I took my watch off in the delivery room, as per the nurse’s orders, and haven’t put […]

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It’s a boy!

06/13/2011 Mona Shand blogger Mona Shand and her husband, Mark, welcomed their third child — Elijah Mark Shand — on June 13. Mona let readers in on her pregnancy in this post: A letter to welcome […]

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Here’s looking at you, kid.

06/06/2011 Mona Shand

The first time it was cute. The fourth, fifth, and maybe even 18th time: still cute. But when your child yells out “Look at me, Mama!” for the 847th time- that morning alone- it becomes […]

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Mona meets the Seasame Street gang

05/25/2011 Mona Shand

Today marks the end of an era — Oprah Winfrey’s amazing run on network television comes to an end. We all have our memories of Oprah’s show. But Brighton’s Mona Shand, a LivingstonTalk blogger and […]

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