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Son of a nutcracker

12/23/2010 Maria Stuart

One of the things I most admire about my 11-year-old son is his vocabulary. He speaks beautifully, using big words correctly. Expressing himself fully and well is not a challenge, and the kid loves, loves, […]

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My favorite year

09/30/2010 Maria Stuart

I’ve learned a lot about running a website this past year, but I know you really don’t want to know about any of that behind-the-scenes, pay-no-attention-to-that-unemployed-person-behind-the-curtain kind of stuff. How about this? I’ve learned that […]

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A street donut in every neighborhood

08/23/2010 Maria Stuart

The Sibley Street reconstruction project is nearly done in the southwest quadrant of Howell, and I’m excited that my neighborhood won’t have to go without the current street ornament du jour any longer. Yes, dear […]

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I was a prisoner of I-96

08/18/2010 Maria Stuart

While I know emergency responders had their hands full Tuesday night with the overturned semi and hazmat cleanup on I-96, how difficult would have been to have someone or something posted at the Exit 137/D-19 […]

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Driving around with naked women

08/05/2010 Maria Stuart

I was living in my parents’ basement, waitressing, attending college part-time, flat broke and in need of transportation. My parents, desperate to get me on the road out of their basement, offered to take the […]

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