Dear One Term Rick: Fuhgetaboutit

03/01/2013 Wayne Johnson

If Missouri is the “Show Me” state, Michigan must be the “We’ll Believe Anything” state. I mean, we actually elected a man as governor who laid out absolutely no specifics on his vision of governing […]

Interpreting, Eisegesis, & Exegesis

02/11/2013 adminLP

The advent of digital communication has brought us incredible freedom to search, to access equally incredible archives.

Now, more than at any time in our histories, we need to pay careful attention to how prior work is interpreted. Not only technical or religious, but also things like political policy, art, and more. Eisegesis vs. Exegesis. […]

Former white supremacist

08/15/2012 adminLP

Coming just a few weeks after the shootings in Aurora, Colorado, the shooting at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin feels like another blow to our country. Too much violence, too much hatred, and too many […]

Where is the EU Heading?

06/28/2012 adminLP

The fate fate of the euro is waffling daily. Like two elephants wrestling in molasses, we’re seeing a painfully slow-motion dance where millions are being trampled upon with no hope of escape.

Frequently, the pundits debate the future of the euro, of the European Union itself. I’ve slowly built my views and thought I would share. […]

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