I married a blue-blood

02/02/2012 Maria Stuart

It’s time for the third season of one of the most wonderful reality shows to begin. “Who Do You Think You Are?” returns Friday, Feb. 3. In honor of this most auspicious event in the […]

Keep Creating

Recently in my government class we discussed what is truly necessary in schools and what is unnecessary and should be cut. Howell High School seniors and United States congressmen both directly targeted art classes as […]

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Giving thanks for mornings

11/26/2011 Mona Shand

I’ve always been a morning person, but never quite like this. That’s why it’s 5:30 am on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and I’m wide awake. My first bit of time off since starting a new […]

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Preserving memories in the round

11/24/2011 adminLP

It’s Thanksgiving Eve and tomorrow is a day when families will sit around the table while reflecting on all they have to be thankful for and sharing memories. How do you preserve your favorite memories? […]

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