The incredible palmier

10/16/2012 The Italian Dish

We end up with all kinds of little jarred toppings from gift baskets over the years and this kind of thing is perfect to use to make a palmier.  You can also use Nutella to […]

Lemon Capri Cocktail

10/03/2012 The Italian Dish

This little drink is the perfect after dinner treat.  We have all this great homemade limoncello that we made and this drink makes use of that, especially if you don’t like to drink the limoncello […]

In Praise of Roasted Garlic

09/25/2012 adminLP

My husband and I discovered several years ago that we love roasted garlic. I used to add two or three bulbs to the roasting pan when I was cooking a big “Sunday” chicken, along with […]

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