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Why I blog

01/12/2012 Maria Stuart

I don’t blog as an expert on something because I am expert at nothing, and I’ve got nothing to sell. The older I get and the more I write, the more I understand that I write because I need to connect with others. […]

Remembering Dominick Calhoun

01/11/2012 Maria Stuart

The trial for Brandon Hayes, the man accused of beating Dominick Calhoun to death in the spring of 2010, is under way in Flint. We’re republishing this piece by Maria Stuart, which ranks among the […]

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Livingston County’s First Camp Fair

01/09/2012 adminLP

Parents who have plans to send their kids to summer camp, including local day camps, will have an opportunity to meet representatives from area camps and ask them questions on February 4th at the Camp […]

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Enjoying the pleasures of Fall

09/21/2011 adminLP

I’m loving this cooler weather, aren’t you? Doesn’t it just make you want to be outdoors? In between prepping kits for classes this week I’ve had time to sit out by the pond and enjoy […]

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