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Wetplates at Waterloo

05/29/2012 adminLP

Greg Schultz of Wayne will be at Waterloo Farm Museum this Saturday and Sunday creating images of authentically-dressed re-enactors using a restored Victorian-era view camera and lenses. He will develop the images on-site with a […]

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Homeschooling: When Should You Begin?

04/23/2012 adminLP

If you are a young parent who is seriously considering homeschooling, then I would advise you to think about starting right from the beginning of your child’s education, rather than waiting.  It is easier for […]

I’m a Survivor

Whenever I make an effort to learn what is happening in the world and in Livingston County, the news is riddled with stories about the awful things teenagers do. The truth is, teens are capable […]

What Does Coaching Do for You?

03/30/2012 adminLP

Its one of those little unspoken secrets.  It’s probably right up there with publicly discussion your salary, an ex-spouse, or venereal disease.  Very few people publicly acknowledge making use of coaching. My expectation is that […]

Books for Babies

03/28/2012 adminLP

The Brighton District Library is working with the Department of Public Health and Pregnancy Help Clinic  to bring a new early literacy program to parents of newborns in Livingston County. The Sandy Schneidewind Books for […]

Phony self-esteem and the real deal

03/27/2012 adminLP

    When my son was in kindergarten at the local public school, twenty years ago, developing self-esteem was one of the main goals. Teachers used numerous ways to work this concept into the curriculum […]

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Our “typical” homeschool day

03/18/2012 adminLP

Friends and acquaintances sometimes wonder what a “typical” homeschool day is like. While there can be unexpected challenges and surprises on occasion, most of our school days have a routine that has worked well for […]

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