Who is your favorite Brighton Area Schools teacher of all time? We want to know.

Leave a comment below with your favorite teacher’s name, school, and a few sentences telling us why they’re your favorite.

We will compile the top 10 nominees and let our readers select their favorite Brighton Area Schools teacher of all time.

There is no limit on when the teacher taught.

An award honoring the teacher will be presented to the teacher’s school.

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Nominate your favorite teacher by leaving a comment below.

We will winnow down the finalists on Feb. 26, 2017, and polling begins for Brighton’s most favorite teacher on Feb. 27, 2017.

Winners in each district will be announced on April 17, 2017.


  1. Mrs Garza- third grade at Spencer elementary. She gives up her own time to help kids that are struggling by staying after school. Very caring and patient. And able to connect with kids and see different ways to help them improve.

  2. Mrs. Emmorey at Maltby in Brighton. My daughter was Struggling with a lot in Acedemics and Being Bullied Really Bad. She not only took her in as a Teacher but as a Mentor and friend. She helped with The Knitters Club on Friday’s Mornings where girls could come in before school to a safe Environent and learn knitting and sip Tea/ Hot Choclate. She broke down walls that as a Parent I could not for my Daughter. One of the Sweetest , kindest Woman I’ve ever met. I would love to have her get recognized for going over and beyond her Expected 8 hours of teaching. I have Never met a teacher with that Love and Compassion for Her students.

  3. Mrs. Strachan at Hornung. According to my son, “Mrs. Strachan was strict but got work done. She was kind, organized, and provided lots of opportunities for leadership and growth. (Those are his words ). I agree!

  4. Mrs. Johnson from hilton elementary school! My son has her for first grade and he has loved school this year, she offers a classroom that is nurturing. She makes learning exciting and he is eager to learn. He has grown so much this year and looks forward to attending school.

  5. Mrs. Suzanne Johnson at Hilton Elementary School is an awesome educator. I am a teacher, and I find myself in awe of her on more occasions than I can count. My daughter has grown tremendously academically under her lead; however, more importantly, she has learned to believe in herself and her abilities, and has learned to be comfortable with making mistakes and growing from them. As a first grader, this has been game changing for a little girl who is tremendously hard on herself. Mrs. Johnson has a gentle way of growing leaders and instilling a love learning while meeting each child at their level of need! She is a rock star in my opinion!

  6. Mrs. Johnson, 1st grade teacher at Hilton Elementary School. We have been blessed with an amazing teacher this year, she is nurturing and welcoming each and everyday. She pushes the kids to do their best and be independent. My son has been excited to go to school everyday and looks forward to what they do in class everyday!

  7. I nominate Mrs Johnson from Hilton Elementary. Mrs Johnson is the reason my son likes school. She shows him the perfect balance of attention and instruction. Since he has been under her guidance, I’ve watched my son blossom and become such a great learner.

  8. Mrs. Suzanne Johnson at Hilton Elementary school is an amazing teacher! Her compassion for teaching and love of her students shows in everything she does. She not only focuses on the academics but is also very in tune with the social aspects of first grade. We love Mrs. Johnson!

  9. This is hard. There so many amazing teachers at Hilton Elementary!! Mrs. Suzanne Johnson is one of these incredible instructors. She is a master teacher who knows the delicate balance between nurturing students and pushing them forward towards independence! Every day is a fun-filled challenge that leaves my son with a head full of knowledge that he cannot wait to share once he’s home! Suzanne keeps providing opportunities for each child to feel success through their work which instills a sense of earned self confidence. It’s been a wonderful year because of Mrs. Johnson!

  10. Ms. Meg Foley; math teacher at Scranton Middle School. She is awesome! She goes above and beyond helping her students learn math! She is very giving of her own time being available before and after school to work with students!

  11. Mrs. Suzanne Johnson. Hilton Elementary 1st Grade. I feel truly blessed that we have her. She loves these kids to a level I can’t explain. My daughter loves to come to school. Mrs. Johnson makes her feel so special and inspires her every day to want to be better, work harder and learn more. We just love her!!

  12. Mrs. Suzanne Johnson at Hilton Elementary school – she is an amazing teacher to my 1st grader! She is so patient and caring with each student; not only has she helped my daughter academically, she weaves in many other key lessons like kindness, responsibility and critical thinking to help all her students excel not only in the classroom, but in life as well. So thankful to have such an amazing teacher!

  13. Mrs Johnson at Hilton Elementary. My daughter has advanced further than I can imagine in just a few months under her instruction. My daughter loves being in her class, and enjoys learning because of her. I hope her younger sister will be in her class in a few years.

  14. Mrs. Johnson, 1st grade, Hilton. All 3 of my children have had the pleasure to be in her classroom. There are a lot of great teachers at Brighton and Hilton, but Mrs. Johnson has, in my opinion, mastered the craft of teaching. All 3 of my kids are very different, yet she finds ways to connect with each of them (and all the children) and makes them feel special in their own way. Her caring nature and rhyming ways ignite the kids excitement to learn.

  15. Mrs. Suzanne Johnson. Hilton Elementary 1 st Grade. She is just amazing! ( no sentences needed) She makes every child feel special, and brings out the best in each student. By doing this, sh has each child is working at their full potential.
    We are truely blessed to have her.

  16. Mrs Johnson at Hilton (1st grade). There are a lot of rockstar teachers, but she is a master at her craft. She engages every child no matter their interest or level and gets them to love learning. It’s is caring nature and rhyming ways that make kids keel comfortable and safe. I have had three very different kids go through her class, and I love her more with each one because she adapts to their needs and makes them all feel so special.

  17. Mark Carrow of Brighton High School. I didn’t have the pleasure of having him as a teacher or coach, but I covered the baseball team for years at the Argus – and he was THE MAN! Legendary teacher and legendary coach. And a great guy!

  18. Ms Garza- 3 grade teacher Spencer elementary. She workerd with my son for most of third grade after school once a week on her own time to improve his reading and to get him to love reading. She is truely an amazing teacher. My sons reading improved more in one year then any other year in school.

  19. Mrs Thomas at Spencer Elementary is many things…her patience, guidance and caring goes beyond all expectations! She has created a special place for our son and we are so grateful for her. The opportunity have Mrs Thomas has been an absolute blessing!

  20. Mrs. Mary Beane is the most caring and compassionate person I’ve met in many years! My child and our family are blessed to her positive attitude and unconditional love surround my child for 30 hours a week for an entire year! She teaches them priceless character and life skills to build on for the rest of their lives while teaching her lessons! Her academic technology focus is a gift to our school! Years before my daughter had her as a teacher she was greeting her with a smile and encouragement in the halls <3 There are 100 more reasons she deserves his recognition!

  21. Mrs. Suzanne Johnson of Hilton Elementary School; she loved, nurtured, guided and challenged my children and taught them to be critical thinkers to support their acedemic success.

  22. Mrs. Suzanne Johnson at Hilton Elementary is amazing. Words can’t describe how caring and patient she is with her first graders. We are extremely thankful for her ability to make learning fun and teach the kids in a manner in which they can remember subjects taught. Thank you for being so wonderful!

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