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The angel wore sparkling shoes


In the wake of the Newtown slaughter, a message of hope came my way.

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Remembering my dad & Halloween on Washington Street

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I sat at the dining room table, stitching together the King Tut toga I had promised my kid for Halloween, when I burst into tears. We bought the Egyptian pharaoh hat at the King Tut…

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Do you keep a gun in your home?


It’s the question I ask every parent before my son goes over to their house. Am I embarrassing my kid? Too bad

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Connecting via Words With Friends


I’m a believer: Greetings from my late father, via Words with Friends.

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Fans of “The Closer” raising funds for kids with cancer

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“The Closer,” cable television’s popular, award-winning show about a tough, female LA police captain who does what she must to get confessions from brutal killers, is coming to an end this summer. As a fan,…

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