Making the Change: HDR to Exposure Fusion

09/21/2013 adminLP
Discussing the differences between HDR and Exposure Fusion, and, why Torben Photography is now developing professional real estate photography with Exposure Fusion.

Providing a number of direct comparisons, using the same input sample sets, the results are there for readers to decide for themselves. [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Innovation is Not Found in Ruts

09/17/2013 adminLP
How much exploring do you do? As in, really do? On the way to or from your usual destinations, do you ever vary the route? Or, is the route a rut with high sides that you do not look beyond?

Just like many of you, I too fall prey to getting stuck in ruts at times. Perhaps less so now than at other points in my life, but it does happen. Even when we vary our path, we have our favorite little ‘excursions’ we take that, themselves, are simply more ruts. Just not as deep. Reflecting on this I want to encourage you to get out of your ruts. Explore. Truly explore. Do something you would never do as part of a routine. [CLICK TO READ MORE]